Technology is not all rosy. Not especially when you find that you are not able to connect with people or when you realize that you are overdependent on your smartphone, tablet or laptop for anything that you want to research on. Technology is good yes, but then just like everything when you overdo it, then it becomes bane.

This Christmas, prepare to give yourself a break from technology. I believe it is the best gift that you can gift to yourself. In the place of technology do the following things:

Read a book

Not ebook or any Kindle stuff, no a real hard copy book. Also write down what you learn from the book. This way, you will be able to reconnect with your love for reading and dealing with physical things. You will also stimulate your brain in a way that you have not done for a long time. Your eyes will also not strain as they try to read copy on a phone screen or laptop.

Visit friends and complement them

We have been used to social media and the Internet where all we do is meet people online, converse with them on skype or webinars but never quite meet them in person. This season, visit people and do not take selfies to post on social media for God’s sake.

Go camping with family and make the kit yourself

Camping can have a great calming effect on you. All you need to do is get the gear ready and start hitch-hiking. You can actually go camping with friends or even family. And when you are about to go camping, desist from buying everything. No, you can actually make most of the stuff yourself. For example, you can do the tear drop camper where you and your spouse will be sleeping and doing all the cooking. Well, you will need the material to do it yourself but believe you me, it is not that hard. In this post here on you can see that it is not that hard. All you need to do is follow the instructions and voila, very soon, you will have your own teardrop camper.

Visit the needy and again, no social media

Christmas is all about giving. It is no season to binge drink or eat too much. No, it is time to give to the less fortunate and make them smile even when things are tough. Make a point of making it different this year. And once you give, do not take pictures of the beneficiaries to post online. No, remember you are trying to break from tech.