Despite centuries of fighting for an equal society, women are still plagued with double standards and stigmatized assumptions. But one female entrepreneur is cruising through the stereotypes to build her own business empire. Instead of seeing her gender as a stumbling block to reaching her goals, Jessica Dalby used it to her advantage. Today, she proudly shares her story to inspire aspiring female artists and entrepreneurs to go beyond their comfort zones and take giant leaps of faith.

Ever since she was young, all Jessica Dalby wanted was to have the freedom to pursue whatever she put her heart into, whether it was her passion for music or entrepreneurship. She envisioned a world where both genders were equal, not one inferior to the other. But as she ventured into the industry, she realized that she had to change her perspective from being an optimist to a realist. Jessica noticed hints of difference in the way men and women were treated and the existing unspoken norms. 

Determined to defy all odds, Jessica Dalby persisted in turning her visions into realities. Fueled by her belief, “Proceed until something happens,” the music artist and entrepreneur fearlessly held on to her dreams. With grit, tenacity, and hard work, she successfully built her first company in August 2020, Diggie the Progression of Hip Hop LLC. It’s an undeniable fact that male music executives and business owners predominantly dominate the music industry. But Jessica did not falter, and she was motivated to defy gender expectations.

Instead of focusing on what others said about her vision, Jessica used her disbelief to fuel her journey. It encouraged her to go above and beyond, not only to show people that it is possible but also to prove to herself that she can do it. “As a female, I know I must hustle harder than anyone in the industry since I am a woman. However, this simply empowers me to work harder and longer each day,” shared the visionary. After recognizing that she can leverage on her gender to inspire others, she felt even more driven to succeed. 

From that point on, Jessica Dalby did everything she could to surpass people’s expectations. To do so, she realized that she had to surround herself with like-minded people who will recognize her capabilities as an artist and entrepreneur. After making a buzz in the music scene, becoming an authority through her keen eye for talent, Jessical captivated the attention of International Nova, the iconic rapper.

“As a woman in this industry, you always remember the first person you encountered that further instilled that belief in yourself to thrive for more,” Jessica Dalby shared. “I will be forever grateful because he believed in me, supports me, and still does,” she added. 

Finding the right support system became crucial to Jessical Dalby’s success. In March 2021, at the height of the pandemic, the entrepreneur was featured on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square. Soon after achieving such a milestone, Jessica reached another significant step when she launched her second company P.U.S.H. Entertainment LLC. 

Furthermore, Jessica Dalby is the creative powerhouse behind the success of music artist Hitta Castro, formerly an independent artist, who landed a spot among the dazzling billboards in Times Square under her guidance and management. Jessica continues to impact others’ lives using her knowledge and expertise. Without a doubt, she will continue to rise as a global authority in the music industry, turning odds in her favor.

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