Everyone across the globe has got adversely impacted because of the pandemic outbreak. COVID-19 virus contamination has affected the economy and individual lives. Even though the vaccines are on their way, people are still fretting about the contaminations and its after-effect. Additionally, prolonged stay at home is making people feel isolated and depressed. There is a sense of stagnancy that most people are facing now. It is also giving rise to pandemic stress, which is negatively impacting the quality of life. People must stay well despite the pandemic stress. And for this, you need to say yes to simple but effective wellness guidelines.

Practical guidelines by Brian C Jensen

People must make the best of every situation. Brian C Jensen has some essential wellness guidelines to help people manage pandemic stress and lead a better life.

  1. Daily exercise is crucial

One of the best ways to combat pandemic stress is to exercise. It might come across as a contradictory thought, but you can let go of stress when you exercise. And when you decide to exercise daily, you get the best benefits. People who exercise daily will experience less pandemic stress than those who don’t exercise at all. Exercise helps to lessen the body’s stress hormones, like cortisol. It also releases endorphins, which helps to elevate the mood and function as a natural painkiller.

Exercise also helps to enhance the overall sleep quality, which gets adversely affected by anxiety and stress. When you exercise daily, you feel more confident and competent about your body, promoting wellbeing. You can choose any form of exercise, like walking, yoga, aerobics, or dancing, and leverage the benefits.

  • Write down your thoughts

One of the best ways to manage pandemic stress is to write down your thoughts. There are two ways you can write down your feelings. The first one is to write down everything that is causing stress. The second one is to write down everything in your life for which you are grateful. When you put on an attitude of gratitude, it helps release anxiety and stress by concentrating on positive thoughts. It gives you to energy with which you can shape your life for the better. It is a good idea to get your journal and start journaling. It is an excellent habit to journal and expresses gratitude every day.

  • Minimize the caffeine intake

Simply put, caffeine is the stimulant that you will find in energy drinks, chocolate, tea, and coffee. While a small amount of caffeine intake will not affect your body and mind, increases doses can result in extra anxiety and stress. Different people have different thresholds for caffeine tolerance. If you find that your caffeine intake makes you anxious and jittery, then it’s time to cut it back. However, one of the best approaches is to take caffeine in moderation.

The pandemic stress is real and is affecting people in different ways. The tactics mentioned above are ways in which you can curb the same effectively.