Brian C Jensen

Our dependence on technology has seen a dramatic increase owing to the pandemic. Technology has enabled people to stay connected to their loved ones during these tough times. Along with this, online classes, inspirational videos, and comedy shows have also allowed people to stay indoors comfortably. In this reality, it is imperative to understand the concept of digital wellness. Brian C Jensen draws the attention of the readers to the idea of digital health. He states that it includes keeping yourself safe online and other proactive measures to stay healthy and balanced.

Tips provided by Brian C Jensen to promote digital wellness during COVID

  • Take frequent screen breaks: Spending extended time in front of a computer or laptop can harm your mind and body. Excessive screen time is also a cause of loneliness, depression, and reduced self-esteem. It may also cause back pain, vision problems, and excessive weight gain. You can use a timer to cut down on your screen time. Also, take out time to go outside for a walk, stretch, and come back again.
  • Promote kindness: As a responsible member of society, you should work towards promoting service, among others. You can use a digital platform for this purpose. Try to compliment others by sharing a note of gratitude with a friend or colleague online. Use social media to extend your warmth to others. It will not cost you much. Appreciate others by reminding them that they are wanted. Try to reach out to others and tell them you are there for them when the need arises. It will help you build a solid community of people.
  • Keep in mind phishing scams: With the increase of email volumes and influx of people, there is also the rise in phishing scams. These scams take the form of fake emails sent by hackers. The aim is to fish for your personal information through the use with malware. What you can do is choose not to respond to these messages that request you to share credit card details. Never change your password through a link from an unsolicited email. It is wise to be cautious about your safety online.
  • Try to limit your media consumption: Paranoia from the pandemic has made people consume the same news from different sources. What it does is create a negative impact on your mental health. It, in turn, affects your overall wellness. Try to limit your sources to a few credible ones and not scroll the same information from various sources. Please choose one or two news sources and try to stick to them. It will help you keep you updated but not overburdened.

Digital wellness is thus a crucial issue that involves a whole lot of considerations. You must keep yourself updated via the Internet and, at the same time, healthy. Try to be strategic when it comes to the Internet and intelligently use it to stay connected with the world.