Creativity is an essential trait in life. Entrepreneurs and employees need this trait. It helps to come up with unique ideas that add value to a business. It is essential to understand the types and components of creativity to understand creativity in-depth.

  1. Deliberate and Emotional Creativity

People with this kind of creativity are highly influenced by their emotional state. They are usually sensitive and emotional. They prefer having personal time and are relatively quiet. They often have a habit of writing a diary. They are also rational and logical in decision-making. These individuals get ideas randomly.

  1. Deliberate and Cognitive Creativity

People with this type of creativity are purposeful. They put their knowledge and skills to achieve a goal. This type of creativity is mainly acquired when individuals work in a department or area for an extended period.

Individuals with deliberate and cognitive traits are good at problem-solving, experimentation, research, and investigation. They spend considerable time testing their new ideas.

  1. Spontaneous and Emotional Creativity

Individuals with this time of creativity get breakthroughs even when their conscious brain is resting. Their creativity is related to an epiphany. Epiphany is the abrupt realization of things. This creativity type is found in writers, painters, and musicians. Through their creativity, a person can look at something or a situation from a different viewpoint. They don’t require specific knowledge to get ideas. They also don’t obtain ideas through working on something for long.

  1. Spontaneous and Cognitive Creativity

People in this category possess the knowledge to do something but need the motivation to do it. Their creativity comes in inconvenient moments, such as when they are in the bathroom. It takes place when the mind stops working and suddenly works. Individuals with these characteristics stop their conscious minds when they need to come up with something. They can decide to do an unrelated activity.

Components of Creative Thinking

There are two primary components of creativity entails originality and functionality. Originality is the uniqueness of an idea. It should not reflect something that already exists. It can be inspired by an existing idea and then fabricated to come up with a new and unique design. The function of the idea is essential. It should produce good results and work efficiently.