Brighton is a popular destination for expats and it’s easy to see why. Brighton is known for its shopping, art scene, and festivals; this beautiful city has a vibrant and alternative culture and is less than an hour from London by train.

The city of Brighton is located on the south coast of Great Britain, in the county of East Sussex. It is also known as London-next-to-the-sea for its proximity to both the capital and the sea. Let’s say it is London beach, the most accessible coast for Londoners. If you decide to live, study or looking for Just Brighton Jobs, England this article will guide you how much it costs to live in this city. In the 18th century, its tourist attractions became famous, which allowed it to have significant economic and population growth. Such was the importance that Brighton is currently one of the main cities and tourist destinations in the country. Many workers commute from Brighton to London daily and enjoy the best of both worlds; A house by the sea, and a career in the capital. However, there are plenty of job opportunities in the city itself. Banking, education and business are the main sources of employment for Brighton. With almost more than 300,000 inhabitants, this fun and stylish city has everything you could want from a coastal urban core: a royal palace, elegant architecture, great museums and a relaxed beach atmosphere with excellent shops, and, if you are a nature lover, you will find in the surroundings of Brighton the South Downs National Park, with cliffs and picturesque towns where you can also settle.

It also has a huge tourist industry that peaks during the summer months. It is one of Britain’s most popular spas with its long beach, white Regency-era buildings, Royal Pavilion, pier, and new i360 observation tower.

The economy in Brighton

Brighton’s local economy is strong and varied, enriched by its small local businesses and startups that can prosper thanks to the relatively low cost of living and the city’s alternative culture. Many of these businesses focus on technology, software, the creative arts, and even holistic therapies. The main employers are American Express (whose European headquarters are located here), Lloyds Bank, Asda, Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company, as well as the city’s two universities: the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. Churchill Square Mall is home to more than 80 stores and several restaurants, and The Lanes – the collective name for the narrow alleys near the waterfront that are lined with independent shops and cafes – also contribute to Brighton’s economy and offer plenty of employment opportunities. .

Find a job in Brighton

If you are looking for a job at a private sector company such as a bank or educational institution, start your job search online and use job search websites like Just Brighton Jobs Indeed, Monster, Reed and Total Jobs. The Argus, the local Brighton newspaper, also lists job opportunities on its website, as well as in its print edition.  If you want to work in stores, cafes or restaurants, it is a good idea to print your CV and manually deliver them to the places where you would like to work. There are many such positions available in Brighton and most employers are happy to hire foreign workers. Fluency in another language (as well as a good command of English) is a huge asset when you are applying for jobs, especially if you are targeting businesses that would benefit from the languages ​​you speak.

Living and Working in Brighton: Transportation and Communication in Brighton


The city center is accessible on foot, with streets and pedestrian promenades and other facilities. Also, even though the city is congested, there is no circulation in the main downtown areas. The bicycle is a means of transport that is beginning to take off. The city is part of the “Cycling England’s” project that allows better circulation for all cyclists


There is an extensive bus network in the city. These services are very frequent in the center and different stops can be found throughout the city. The cost of a one-way trip is on average £ 2, a one-day ticket can cost £ 4, and there are special rates for students, groups, families and young people.


Commuter trains serve the Hove, Preston Park, and university campuses from Brighton Station. First Capital Connect is the company that operates these city ​​services.


As we have said, getting around the city of Brighton by car is neither easy nor recommended. Congestion and pedestrian zones hinder traffic throughout the urban center, but, the city does offer a good taxi service, yes, at one of the highest prices in the country. If you need to take a Taxi, do it through the Uber application.


Giffgaff is the most recommended mobile phone company. With excellent coverage, it is very cheap. In addition, you can ask for the SIM card to be sent to you before settling in the city. For the internet and the phone in your house and for the public television license , which is not included in the taxes, get in our articles the necessary information.

Good to know

As soon as you start Just Brighton Job, your employer must apply for your National Insurance number in your name from the UK government. Once you have this number, you can register with a doctor and receive free medical care from the NHS, take advantage of public funding, and contribute to your pension.


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