Community, Stability, Gratitude.

These are some of the values that make me, me. If I asked you to come up with your list, you could probably do it fairly fast, knowing what you value.

When making money decisions, there are a lot of opportunity costs to consider. The reality is when people ask me if they should invest in a 401k plan, or in a Roth IRA, or in a high yield-savings account, my question is always – what do you value? Perhaps it is flexible work hours, recognition at work, or exploration.

Simply asking someone what their goals are is not enough, because there are a lot of “shoulds”.
“I should buy a house” or “I should save up for my kids”.

So here’s my advice to you – grow your wealth from a place of abundance, not fear. Make a list of your goals based on your values, without any fear of judgment. Think of these values on a me-we-world framework.

  • What are your personal goals? This should inform your budget.
  • What are your goals when you think about your intended impact in the world? This should inform where you invest your money, through traditional investments or through businesses you support.
  • What are your goals when it comes to helping your community? This should inform how you donate your money or time.

If you would like a guide to help you articulate your goals, you can download it here.