Brandon Howard

Business is all about the number of risks people are willing to take provided they know the outcomes and have calculated the total probability of actually succeeding in their plans. we can assure you that Brandon Howard has already mastered this.

Brandon Howard has not always lived in Indiana, but was instead born and brought up in Detroit, Michigan. he moved when he was 13, but remained the very same person, pulled off inspiration and qualities that are to date unmatched. Something that never really left him is his willingness and desire to help people and reach out to those who truly need it. Great quality in a man, it is indeed the moral values that disclose the intentions and personality of an individual, be it a simple man you know or a well-known entrepreneur who has posed to be a great inspiration to many.

Brandon Howard’s biggest claim to fame is Higher Life CBD Dispensary, which he launched in 2018. He subsequently launched the Higher Life Cereal Café in 2020. “In higher life, we mainly focus on the effectiveness of the products, encouraging customers to not just feel great but also feel relaxed as they use our products. Obviously, there are other companies that provide similar products but the way we offer ours, and the amount of care and detail we put into our work to ensure consumer satisfaction is what makes our customers loyal to us. Customer loyalty is something that can be gained by only building a good reputation and goodwill, and that happens when you put in your honest effort into the product you provide. now you know our secret!” Says Brandon Howard.

Brandon has a lot to still add and improve in his business, but all of this will certainly take him quite some time. Already having improved a lot in how he offers his products, there is no place for error at the moment and the only way for him is forward. It is not just about making money for him; he truly cares about the cannabis culture and is passionate about providing the best products for all those people who want to have one of the best experiences of their life in a healthy way. Brandon Howard is a perfect example of all the entrepreneurs who are currently struggling. He aims to motivate people to make them realize their dream. Recently, Brandon launched a “pay it forward” movement where people are motivated and guided towards their path to success.