Mindfulness is a proven method for reducing stress and improving both mental and physical health. But how does one go about engaging in mindfulness? It doesn’t require any grand commitments. Just a few small efforts during the course of the day can constitute an adequate mindfulness regimen. Here are seven mindfulness exercises you can easily squeeze into your daily routine.

Morning Stretch

First thing after waking up, get out of bed and lift your arms to the sky in a simple morning stretch. This mind and body awareness will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Observant Morning Coffee-Drinking

Let your eyes wander around the room while you drink your morning coffee, the deliberate gazes centering your mind for the rest of the day.

Two Deep Breaths

Inhale as deeply as you can, and then slowly exhale the breath. Then repeat. This is a remarkably simple action that barely deserves the name “exercise,” and yet it can be used again and again throughout the day to remarkable effect.

A Positive Mantra

Create a simple positive message and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. You can’t magically make your good vibes bring positive outcomes, but you can use the powers of positive self-messaging to your benefit.

Take A Walk

Something about walking for pleasure brings our bodies and minds into a relaxing place, no matter where our feet are taking us. Walking meditation is a proven mindfulness technique, and you’re bound to feel its benefits.

Focus on Your Food

Don’t eat while working or doing a million other things. Take advantage of lunchtime to unwind and focus on the sensual pleasure that your food brings you. Such an approach will leave you feeling refreshed for the second part of the day.

Read and Reflect on Poetry

There is a reason poetry is one of the most consistently practiced art forms across human cultures. The power of language can enchant us and bring us, for a moment, out of ourselves (or, indeed, further inside ourselves to parts of our personalities with which we rarely interact). Try to read just a few lines every day, and let your thoughts mingle with the words and ideas from the page.