When people imagine entrepreneurs, they typically picture a man in a nice suit. However, there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there who do not match this stereotypical image. Female entrepreneurs, for example.

Female entrepreneurs are on the rise, and it’s not a real surprise. Entrepreneurs take control over their career paths, which many women have wanted to do for years. 

Over the past twenty years, more and more businesses have started up with women at the helm. This has had a positive impact on local economies, as well as their communities. Here are some of the female entrepreneurs on the rise in 2021 – this is by no means a complete list, as countless women are turning towards entrepreneurship. 

Annetta Powell

Anetta Powell grew up understanding the meaning of hard work and perseverance. She has consistently worked to improve herself and the businesses she runs. In 2001 she created her real estate firm (Infinity Properties Group). That same firm has had over $50 million in transactions.

Her work doesn’t stop there. Since then, she’s created five different tax franchises (The Tax Experts). Now she’s working on a new project, The Wealth Connect. The Wealth Connect is designed to help future entrepreneurs.

Andrea Samantha

Andrea Samantha is another entrepreneur people are going to want to watch out for. She’s a 32-year-old mother of 2, and she found freedom in running her own business. Samantha has been an entrepreneur her whole career, becoming a hairstylist and providing wedding hair and makeup services. 

She took that concept a step further a few years ago. She invested in a haircare company – one that promoted natural hair care. Now she makes over $2 million in sales – a month.

Charlene Izere

Originally from Rwanda, Charlene Izere grew up in Manchester, NH. Her experiences formed her opinions today and taught her how to support herself. Her first business venture was that of an online fitness coach.

From there, her life as an entrepreneur took off. She created Soulful Systems, followed by Melanin & Money. Counting her third creation, Wellness Delivered, Charlene Izere has successfully created businesses that finally support her while actively seeking to make the world a better and more accepting place.

Christine Daal

Christine Daal is a top fashion business consultant. She’s best known for getting results – and yes, that does include during the pandemic! She’s been in the industry for fifteen plus years, and she is in the process of starting up her retail store.

Her work has helped clients increase sales and traffic in as little as a single year. She’s allowed them to improve their online presence and even their access to significant fashion magazines worldwide.

Sharon Ourian

Sharon Ourian is a woman of many talents. She’s a lawyer, a businesswoman, and a real estate investor. She created a foundation known as CyberActive, which held her take on driving school. She took what was an inconvenience to most (having to take driver’s education courses in a stuffy classroom) and turned it into something approachable (online courses).

Ourian increased the CyberActive initiative in 2020 when most in-person programs were shuttering. Suddenly CyberActive was available to school districts and driving schools, even going so far as to waive the fees.

This article was originally published on BrooklynnChandlerWilly.org