Bruhaz is a young rapper from Mumbai who keeps travelling to the US for Recordings and Label meetings. While he’s in Los Angeles US, the call for lockdown was announced in the country and he had no choice but to get himself self isolated. While he is under lockdown, he has kept himself busy in recording studios in LA. He is currently working on his EP with Matt_MGMT who happens to be a Celebrity artist manager, A&R for Warner Records. He is the man who had previously blown up with top affiliated artists in the trap game including SkinnyFromthe9, Chase the Money and Ybn Almighty Jay to name a few.
The rapper’s next work includes a feature which is going to come soon with rapper Chase the money, for which he is currently working for on the upcoming EP, Chase has been featured over Worldstarhiphop in several occasions and with  XXL Magazine. On the other side, Matt_MGMT is seen claiming that Bruhaz’s music has great potential and thus more time and money can be invested in his music. His work is already trending in social media and he has more than half a million+ views  on his streams for his previous work particularly his earlier single “Fame’s My Enemy” released on SoundCloud.

While talking about his upcoming work, Bruhaz says the EP will appear before June, which he claims to be among the best pieces of art and music for his fans he has ever produced. He is confident that his fans will be loving it a lot without a doubt. Currently while being in self isolation, he is chalking out several  other things for his future. It has also given him the chance to plan out strategies for promoting his upcoming EP which is coming before June. Despite the lockdown, he is leaving no stone unturned to keep things flowing for his next venture about to come out soon for his fans.
For those who do now know Bruhaz, he is a 19 year old rapper and musician from Mumbai, India, Currently the only artist known to leave an impression in the international hiphop game representing the city Mumbai. He turned into an instant sensation with his debut music video called Fame’s My Enemy. This song set fire to social media and brought a whopping amount of views on it all across the world. All thanks to the melody he has put in his song thus giving a huge viewership for it on YouTube. So far, the young rapper has more than 100K streams for his song ever since it has been released on YouTube and on SoundCloud, The figure seems to go high and has exceeded up to 500K+ for the number of views on the said digital platform. The rapper was born in 2000 in Mumbai, India, he was brought up in the Maximum City in one of its suburbs called Bandra. He has come a long way before he embarked upon the path of a rapper. Thanks to his upbringing that came under the influence of veteran artists like  Eminem, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar along with others, later on he took influence from new school artists like Trippie redd, DaBaby and Lil skies, which made him create his own style, a mixture of oldschool hiphop and newschool trap. This amazing contrast of new school and old school did bring him a huge fanbase in the  hiphop world
His music started touching the heart of people. He came out with his debut music video Fame’s My Enemy . He was just 17 when he recorded this song, It did work for him and his blissful voice did catch the attention of half a million music lovers in one go as he launched the same via SoundCloud. Besides being a rapper and singer, he also likes to jot down raps apart from playing different musical instruments and He Is the CEO of the label Trapbasics. As he gears up for his next work, we expect yet another dashing piece for him that would allure his fans.

While he’s in  lockdown amid the COVID 19 virus, he is seen utilising his time in creative work. He is busy promoting his work and interacting with his fans on social media, He has been a popular face when it comes to social media with a huge fan following that love him a lot, which makes him engaged even while he is aloof inside his apartment  in Los Angeles.  As a young rapper and musician, he has always remained a part and parcel of music ventures.
He started learning music during his teens unlike the other boys of his age often do in their lives. He remained away from all sorts of distractions coming in his way and he focused on things like How a Record Label functions, and mastered all bases of functionality to be a Record Label himself, Bruhaz can also Audio Engineering, Write, Produce, play the piano and more apart from laying vocals. Gaining insights of all aspects of the music industry lead to his growing success.

All this happened only because Bruhaz has remained focussed in his career since his teenage years and was able to do something serious. This is the power of having a focus in  anyone’s life. His solo songs coming on social media sites like YouTube and SoundCloud have made things to garner a good buzz in the social media and thus earning millions of views. Time for him to reap the benefits of lockdown in which he is putting all his efforts in launching his next music piece or song on social media. He aspires to earn an overwhelming response to his future work, which comes post lockdown. Well, let’s wait and watch for yet another magical song from him. Till then stay at home and stay safe amid the COVID 19 outcry!


  • Prakash Neupane is a singer, writer, poet and rap artist from Nepal. He is also engaged in writing, blogging and journalism.