In the continuously progressing world and ever-changing demands of consumers, businesses and individuals with personal brands need to make themselves known and have a firm standing in the market to make sure that they have a continuous supply of clients and income. But having a well-established personal brand isn’t the only way to secure a business for long-term. 

Good entrepreneurs know that aside from being able to market their services or products efficiently, they should remember the importance of values and principles of what brought them into business in the first place, as well as properly utilizing assets for a more competent brand. 

Having a good set of values is what helps a brand run like clockwork and adapt to the changes of time. Plus, values are not limited to businesses alone since everyone has their own set of values that helps in decision-making. 

First-time author Bryan Quaranto, through his handbook, shares the key to increasing value and understanding it, ultimately changing perspectives on different concepts of value. Because for Quaranto, one way to increase the value of something is by understanding it. 

In this handbook, Bryan dissects the subject of values and how they can be applied in personal brands and businesses as he believes that there is a place for every brand to fit these values and do right by them. 

The author also delves deep into the world of values and talks about what drives us into making our decisions in life and in business. 

“You will also learn how to take your passion more seriously and learn to implement new creative techniques within your organization,” the author said. 

Moreover, the book teaches core value strategies and the depth of the value system. It also offers insight in different types of creative assets, how to create a signature value, and even how a creator can become the purest asset to a brand. 

Bryan’s handbook was written for artists, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. The ideas expressed are to help you further understand the value of understanding values.

With this handbook, Bryan gives the public a renewed perspective on the importance of values and how one can properly understand it to make it advantageous for a personal brand, or for its readers in general. 

For those who want to make more out of their personal brand or gain a deeper awareness of values, Bryan’s handbook is a must-read piece.