Mike Anderson is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who abandoned his dream of becoming a musician to open a full-fledged social media marketing agency.

After spending a couple of years as a successful entrepreneur, Mike’s decided to share all he’s learned in this article. Here you go!

Attaining Success

For Mike, maintaining a strict schedule is a crucial part of his life. Not only does this keep him in line, but it also helps him practice self-discipline. Self-discipline is an important habit to possess if you dream of achieving success.

Another thing Mike recommends you do is to develop in one aspect of your life every day. You should try and figure out what part of your life is dragging you behind and improve upon it. He shares with us that it’s nearly impossible to achieve success without this.

“I feel stagnant if I’m not working towards bettering myself daily. I must push myself in one shape or form every day.” Mike expresses.


Ever feel like the whole world is coming down on you? Do you have a lot on your plate that you can’t handle?

Mike’s hack to this is simply disconnecting himself, and allowing nature to provide peace of mind. Mike frequently takes breaks from work and spends quality time off the grid, he does this at least once a week. Think of it as a digital detox; Whatever problem he faces, Mike always arrives at an answer after doing this.

“I feel that nature reminds us that the earth is so much larger than our stressors”- Mike explains.

If taking a digital detox isn’t your thing, you could try meditating. Mike starts every morning with meditation to keep a level mind. This helps start the day with intention, and clarity instead of giving in to life’s stresses.

Moving Forward

The future can be unpredictable, but Mike is in it for the long haul. His company has transitioned into a full-fledged real estate marketing agency where he’s found great success in building realtor brands to the next level. His plan for the future is to establish new relationships with everyone he comes across. Connections can hold the most weight in business and Mike is fully aware of that.

“Your Network is your Net-Worth, sounds cheesy, but it’s no joke!”- Mike shares.

One of the most important questions we had for Mike was, how do you stay motivated through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship? His answer was interesting.

“You have to wake up with a purpose. This is mine (business). I love everything about the business. When it comes to motivation…no matter who you are or what you do, there are people out there waiting for you to fail. I know for a fact that’s true for me, and it’s a major source of inspiration.”


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