The brave, ceremonial changing of the guard represents the quick, brief, daily, pivotal, colorful, fluorescent, shaken snowglobe artscape in leaves, noticeably routine as a continuously heavy, swiftly, circularly revolving, transparent glass door. A contactless turn style is the same idea, efficiently ushering through a typically, symmetrically led, keenly visible, projected pattern.

Acceptance of honorable tradition often enables the welcoming, new choice refreshments of a uniquely differential, categorical identity. 

In this case, a much anticipated, pleasantly healthy sigh of relief lingers in occasional introduction as a legitimately inviting, collectible, 360 degree sign of valiant hope.

An equally, unusually, oddly, abstractly designed, pastel inspired cupcake is closely held up to the screen, luckily enticing the first female Vice President to make a virtual wish and to excitedly, joyfully blow out the candle. 

A celebratory, quarantine birthday provides the recognizable, joint enthusiasm of a friendly smile captured amidst the mirroring example of a simply genuine, gentle laugh, minus the unfamiliar absence of an expectant, lyric worthy, collaborative serenade, in the land of endlessly, elegantly packed cheese.

Unified car horns simultaneously greet Obama with a deep, dark green, autumnal shaded, oval shaped backdrop view of ‘Lincoln Financial Field,’ matching the priceless effort of a classifiable, monumental, motivational speech. Wellness of a Wednesday safely peaked at the confident unveil of a familiar relativity, the support of a former ‘’Commander In Chief,’ who is ‘fired up’ and ‘ready to go.’

It must have been an ‘Indian Summer,’ an ‘October Surprise,’ in the ‘City Of Brotherly Love,’ conveniently located just up the road on ‘I-95.’ Twelve more days in the modern kaleidoscope, fishbowl of fall until the significantly plausible reign of November Third’s Election Day.

Vibrancy is the shining definition of an electric, eclectic race of a lifetime, at the final destination marker, imperfectly demonstrated at the verified illustration of a fluidly moving, progressively waving, black and white squared, checkered flag.