After the past several algorithm changes from Google that effectively wiped out thousands of websites, people are paying attention more and more to what will make Google happy when it comes to optimizing websites now and in the future.

Content is still king for the most part but it’s never been more important to consider social signals when preparing your content.

Words are not the only way people can find your website. You can get visitors from Google images, YouTube, and any number of social media websites…to name but a few.

One such social media website that is catching the attention of SEO pros and internet marketers alike is Instagram. But, don’t just follow the herd, get to know how Instagram can benefit your brand to gain awareness and build up your fan base.

Instagram is a platform for sharing your photos and people love to see other peoples’ photos. But, it’s more than just a casual social exchange because business can use Instagram Marketing to help with customer relations, inspire customers to react and discuss your brand, and so on. In other words, Instagram is more about social media optimization rather than just SEO.

Think of how your photos can emphasize your brand and even make it stand out from competitors. For example, if you have a shop that sells handmade leather bags, maybe show photos of the workers in action, behind the scenes shots of what it’s like “at the office” so people feel more of a connection to your brand rather than just an end product.

Be creative with your photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment with techniques or subject matter to gauge how your viewers will react. Try funny, creative, intriguing, emotive, possibly controversial images and test which types get you the results you’re after.

Instagram Marketing can help promote your brand and build a following at the same time. Social media is here to stay so use it wisely!