Bezex is paving the way for investors to join the crypto exchange venture. Rather than going through a series of headaches and stress, Bezex has created a platform will allow users to create, manage, and scale a exchange without any programming knowledge and very little investment.

Bezex will enable users to launch their own exchange platform within minutes from the comfort of their IPad/laptop without any coding knowledge. Users will be able to customize basic things like theme colors and changing logo to setting trading fees and creating exchange tokens without a need to hire hundreds of staff or rent offices.

The Bezex infrastructure gives users full control of their private keys, as it is neither stored centrally nor decentralized, thus deprecating the need for a hot wallet. The power of both the centralized and decentralized exchange governance models are leveraged to provide both security and control for the users and exchange operators alike. All these are made possible by a protocol which Bezex is built upon, SLICE ( second layer interconnected exchanges ).

This interconnection of exchanges allows all Bezex exchanges to asynchronously communicate with each other making arbitrage trading easy and more profitable for traders across multiple exchanges.

“In the near future , the world’s greatest and smallest businesses will employ a tokenized economy model. Bezex & Its Infrastructure will empower the most diverse change in how business is conducted”, said Camelius Ubah, Bezex’s CEO.

Bezex will also help users market their exchange platform. The platform deploys a robust, inexpensive and unrivalled ‘syzygy’ (synchronized-marketing-program) marketing approach. With the ‘syzygy’ upgrade, users will be able to seamlessly synchronise their marketing with that of other exchanges.

With Bezex handling all the technicalities and marketing, users will be able to run their own exchange platform and tap into the billion dollar crypto exchange industry from the comfort of their laptop/iPad.