Unlike humans, a bond with a pet dog will last you a lifetime. The owner of a dog daycarein Edmonton shared his thoughts on what it takes to build a bond with a dog by startingoff with a very interesting story.

Story of the Chinese professor and his pet dog
The story goes that a Chinese Professor had developed a very close bond with his pet dog. Each day the professor would say goodbye to the dog and then walk to the station to go to work. When the professor would return to work in the evening at 4.00pm he would always find the dog at the railwy tracks waiting for him.

This continued for many years, until one unfortunate day when the professor died due to hear failure and did not return. It is said that the dog missed the professor very much and continued coming to the tracks every day for the next 10 years in the hope of finding the professor.

Does a human-canine bond exist?
The above story beautifully illustrates that a bond does exist. But what is this bond about? Is it obedience, or the fear of a commanding master? Or simply allegiance? Perhaps it is just a desire to have a meal and a place to sleep? Mostly it is a combination of all these factors, but whatever might be the reasons, the fact is that a bond does exist and this is good for humans as well as for the dog and this bond has no time limit – it can last a liefetime.

The question now is how to nurture this bond and make it grow so that it lasts a lifetime.
Nurturing a bond with your dog in 12 simple and easy steps.
Try out the following irrespective of whether you are pet owner, or owning a dog daycare in Edmonton:

– Be attentive to your dog
Even if it is for a short duration, look at your dog in his eyes and then communicate.

– Play with your dog
Take him out for a walk, or simply stay with him at home. Give him a grooming or a bath.

– Communicate with your dog
Use verbal and physical gestures so thathe begins to understand you and and can start responding.

– Be regular in your training sessions
Dogs love consistency and don’t mind if you teach them a new trick or give lessons in obedience.

– Build a routine with a fixed hour for playing
Say between 5 – 6 pm everyday when you are back from work.

– Understand your dog’s body language
Observe him to see what he likes and dislikes.

– Manage your anger
Never let your anger shown on your dog. Stay cool at all times.

– Set up small goals
Encourage your dog to achieve small goals, so that he does not feel frustrated or discouraged.

– Reward your dog
Keep your dog’s favorite toys and foods reserved for when he has completed a task.

– Make your walks with your dog meaningful
Set aside a time for a long walk and interact with your dog, correct him and train him.

– Involve your dog in your work
Take him along when you have to complete a chore, or run an errand.

– Have a cuddle session with your dog
Once in a while cuddle your dog all over to show how much you love him.
Experience how your bonding has grown with your dog
By following the above steps you will be able to nuture a good bond with your dog and will start experiencing a positive improvement in the way your dog responds to you and behaves in the house. Strenthening this bond is the next logical step that you need to follow.

Setting up the bond for a lifetime
Once you and your dog speak the same “language,” you are all set to build with him a bond for a lifetime. Your mutual trust and confidence towards each other will make your dog loyal to you and your continous training will make him focussed on you.

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