Phase 5 of the 8 Phases of Big Change

Fundamentals. In order to be free to build a mindset, there can be no distractions in the background.

There are two ways that distraction clutters the background:

#1 – You have the radio or the TV on all the time filling space, you are constantly focused on your phone or your computer; entertained by Social Media itself or the programming coming from popular media.

#2 – Something that is unresolved; an event, a situation or a memory that just won’t go away. Your sub-conscious mind keeps bringing it to the surface, as something to deal with; something that needs to be looked at. If it cannot be ignored, it has to be dealt with.

There is no real mystery when you follow the clues, and life leaves us a lot of clues.

It is simply a question of listening and catching the messages when they come in. That requires both listening and being in the moment. We can only hear the messages if there is no other noise.

If it is radio, television, computer or phone, we have the choice to turn them off.

If it’s internal; then there is work to be done to turn off the noise. If it is an internal source of noise, then they are thoughts. Most of those thoughts are either a memory or a worry/fear. If it is a bad memory, then it needs to be faced and then resolved. If it is a worry, then it must be evaluated as real; not just some figment of your imagination or baseless fear.

In the 8 Phases of Big Life Change, the first 4 phases were about identifying the problem or pain and dealing with it.

Now that we have dealt with it  We can start planning the future. Look at the UNITS in the Elemental Living Group. They are like modules to a course.

Some of my Clients have gone through the 8 phases of change in a month, others have taken a year or more. We are all individuals having a unique experience. We are all at different stages of writing our own story. There is no better-best, there is only what is. You do your best and make sure that your moves are virtuous, and for the benefit of everyone involved. Looking out for number one doesn’t mean anyone needs to get hurt.

Looking out for number one is only natural. Our society is so abundant at this juncture in time, that we have the time, energy and resources to investigate purely philosophical questions. When we lived in caves and were busy fighting off saber-tooth tigers and providing for the tribe; we didn’t have that time, nor did we have the intellect.

This lounging around routine came much, much later. We have been living in the lap of luxury for the last 50 years. Probably one of the easiest phases in history, once it truly becomes history.

We are right in the middle of it now. The transition is on. Destination unknown.

So where do you want to be in this transition. It’s either, be part of the new or be part of the transitioned. There is nothing more permanent than change. This has been said by many great figures in our history, so change is the river to ride. We can’t exactly know what is coming, but that’s just the way it is. No one really knows the future. Even if we have an idea, we still don’t know the details of how the journey will be.



Abraham Lincoln, Peter Drucker and Alan Kay have expressed this idea of creating the future you want, and the only way to create the future you want is to participate in its’ making.

So now that we have connected the dots, made some sense of the past and we are ‘technically’ free of the past; we can launch into a new plan, a new purpose, a new idea on what to do with our life. This is where we make a new plan.

In order to follow a dream, You have to have one!

In order to make a new plan we need to make sure our outlook and perspective is right for the journey; we need to get ready for the trip! This is where we build the new mindset.

An unimpeded success mindset is crucial for moving forward. Getting rid of toxic memories, or just plain inaccurate memories is important for clearing the way for the new outlook, the new plan, and the new you.

Time to tune into dreams, desires, gut feelings, what makes us happy, what make us enthusiastic and feel part of something bigger, … time to find our new direction, or just plain know what we want.

Next post… Techniques on finding the dream, the vision, the next…

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