There is a lot of talk about branding these days, but most people don’t know that there is a difference between personal branding and commercial branding. Because of the influx of entrepreneurs and freelancers, the pool of competition is more crowded. Promoting your products and services will leave you vulnerable to comparisons. However, a personal brand is all about you. There is only one you and there is nobody else like you. You are 100% your own campaign manager when it comes to personal branding. This should also run concurrently with your business brand(s). The point of a personal brand is to increase name recognition so you can stand out from competitors. Data shows that people are more interested in following other people than they are in following a company. Examples include Elon Musk having more followers than TeslaSpaceX, and SolarCity combined. Richard Branson personally has more followers than Virgin, and Arianna Huffington has more followers than her extremely popular business platform Thrive Global

There are many more reasons than simply competing in a more aggressive marketplace. Having a personalized brand that people can relate to makes it easier for them to trust you and any products you associate with. It also makes you more searchable, whether by print media, through podcasts, or online. Having a personal brand is also a great way for other influencers to take notice and join your follower list. This, in turn, brings along a portion of their followers as well. If you are declared to be an expert in any particular field, people will refer others to you and seek your opinion in posts and articles. Having a strong personal brand also enables you to charge premium rates for goods or services because followers are now seen as a currency on their own.

As your business changes, which it inevitably will, your personal brand will stay intact as you spread out your empire. Anything that generates from your business will always be able to be linked back to you. 

According to numerous statistics available online, the top websites to create profiles and gain followers are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn but there are many more. In addition, it’s important to keep posting regularly and visiting these sites as well as liking and following other accounts frequently. These are other ways to gain followers. Cross-posting among the various social media sites is another way of getting a bigger audience on your content.

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