Burned Out? Here’s How To Find Supplements Safely Online

The 2020 global pandemic has had a huge impact on our physical , emotional, and mental health. Now more than ever, we are beginning to witness the side effects of our ‘new normal’: depression, stress, burnout, and mental exhaustion.

Most of us have taken steps to reduce physical strain and support our mental health in new ways. Finishing puzzles in the dining room, having a spa night at home, or even going for a jog over WFH lunch breaks have positively affected our personal health and wellness.

These aren’t the only activities we’re doing to stay healthy this year. One of the most popular boosters for bodily health has taken the form of vitamins, protein powders, and herbal mixtures, also known as supplements. Supplements are a combination of essential minerals, vitamins, and other compounds that claim to support physical health. 

Some types of supplements may be harmful in large doses, while others may have adverse reactions to different types of medicine (including over the counter prescriptions). Yet, when used correctly, these compounds normally make a huge difference for our bodies and minds.

Supplements and vitamins are beneficial substances that add to our daily health regimes. While we don’t necessarily need to rely on supplements to maintain our health, they can help us manage stress, reduce burnout, and support a healthier immune system for the long term. 

Unfortunately, finding supplements in person has become more difficult in the past few months. With so many people relying on online sources for supplement shopping, the risks for fraud and scams are climbing higher and higher. Finding supplements online can be a tricky business, but armed with the right tools of the trade, your next package can be only a click away.

Here’s how to find vitamins and supplements safely online.

1. The FDA is your friend.

Before purchasing any supplement, you should be aware of the responsibilities required of the Food and Drug Administration. Because vitamins and other forms of supplemental pills are not medications, the FDA does not evaluate these substances for general health claims, preventions, or treatments. However, they do monitor the sale and shipment of vitamins both domestically and online. The FDA will help you to make better choices regarding supplement use, but it will likely not protect you from all the pitfalls of online shopping.

2. Avoid gummy type supplements whenever possible.

Gummy supplements are some of the cheapest vitamins to buy online and in bulk. However, they are not necessarily the safest products on the market. Gummy formulas are often inconsistent and less shelf stable, allowing for heightened levels of mold growth or adverse medication reactions.

3. Only choose brand verified supplements.

If a brand carries the USP or NSF seal of approval on its packaging, it is much safer for online purchase.

Supplements, vitamins, and other health boosting products can make a world of difference in your health. Protect yourself from the get-go by shopping for safe supplements online.

how to find supplements safely online (infographic)