Business coach and mentor Kanji Low provides advice and training  to people who need his guidance to succeed in life. But as he looks after the well-being of his clients, Kanji must also look after himself so he can perform and provide his services optimally. 

Hardening Himself Against Stress 

In dealing with stress, Kanji finds that keeping himself exposed to small stressors in life can help him adapt to handling frustrations and keep a clear head as he faces it all. 

“When I first started this journey, I noticed most entrepreneurs and successful people exercise regularly. I exercise six to seven days per week as part of my daily movement to not only keep my body in shape but to train my mind to be able to withstand any stress or burnout. When the body is tested to its limit, the mind is also tested too. This is a really valuable tool to be able to handle any challenge that comes my way,” the business coach said. 

Kanji has also implemented taking a cold shower daily since it imposes a small amount of stress on your body, which leads to a process called hardening. This means that your nervous system gradually gets used to handling moderate levels of stress, helping him keep a cool head, the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation. 

Viewing the Obstacle From Different Perspectives 

“I always see the obstacle from a thousand foot view to see how the obstacle can be tackled. Emotions can run high if you’re reacting and not responding to the obstacle. When you step back from the chaos to see the obstacle from a greater perspective, you realize that the vision you have will keep you on course and help you stay grounded,” Kanji said. 

When adapting a different perspective in viewing an obstacle, the business coach believes that it helps him better realize that there is growth and freedom on the other end. 

“For example, if I need to prepare for an important business meeting, I would go in with the mindset that it’s happening for me so I can grow from this, when you come from this level of consciousness you see that the obstacles are there for you to be your best and truest version of you for you to serve and impact more people,” he said. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Kanji is a business coach and mentor who teaches his clients how to manage their assets and time, giving them a sense of direction to serve and impact in their chosen industry.
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