Author and entrepreneur Stacey Kehoe of contributes to the business book, Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action. Legacy is a compelling collection of 52 leading changemakers dedicated to global change through business.

Because 66% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product or service if it comes from a sustainable brand, there’s never been a better time for business owners to change their business model toward sustainability.

Legacy contains all the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) first launched in Geneva 2015 by people such as Sir Richard Branson, Paul Polman, and Bill Gates and builds on their united plan for global change.

This brilliantly conceived and crafted book shows how ‘ordinary’ people are adopting, embracing, and applying the goals and directly changing our world.

Stacey Kehoe shares practical everyday solutions to global problems such as “Recognising the Depths of Inequality” and shows other business owners and individuals easy and practical solutions so they too can change the world.  

The foreword is written by Chair of International Chamber of Commerce and Former Unilever CEO, Paul Polman.

Stacey Kehoe has worked in digital marketing and brand development for the last ten years. She is also a podcast host and chief editor of the small business magazine, The Vault, which has gained her countless media features and award nominations. Since establishing her first business, Brandlective Communications Ltd in 2012, Stacey has built over 500 websites, brands, and marketing campaigns.

As a highly-sought after expert, social media trainer, and speaker, Stacey has developed the one-of-a-kind Gamechanger Six-Step Digital Marketing Methodology after being approached by client after client who were dissatisfied with other agencies. She published this methodology in her newest book ‘Get Online: 6 Simple Steps to Launching a Digital Marketing Strategy For the Non-Tech Savvy. The method also forms a core part of Brandlective’s services, facilitating campaign development and enhancing the speed at which its clients gain stellar results.

Stacey believes those with an entrepreneurial spirit should have the resources to rise above the noise, stand out from the crowd, and show their audience who they really are. These beliefs tie-in with her commitment to equality. She currently leads a movement called #1MillionDays: an initiative to reduce inequality through social, economic, and political inclusion of all people.