Meet young Iranian entrepreneur Alireza Kohany, who built successful businesses

All successful Influencers, Entrepreneurs and businessmen seem to have related forces when market needs a rise. The thriving young businessman never waits to start any ventures; they just go for it without any fear in mind.

Businessmen are idealists and path setters, they take the chance for themselves and others.

One of them is Alireza Kohany, one of the youngest businessman of Iran who started his earning when he was in school on the quest to make a fortune or be triumphant and address a unique need in the market place.

Alireza Kohany took his chances to prove his skills in the market and already made a significant impact at many places with his multiple businesses.

He started his life from Iran as he was born and brought from there. Alireza Koany (born 18/06/1993 in Tehran) is a self-made businessman, successful influencer and entrepreneur, who has earned his way by trying many things at a time in life.

The journey from Iran to World!
From Iran to Turkey in search of making big in life he has struggled a lot from one place to another. He runs multiple businesses like Real estate.

Business place is for the people who take a calculative risk and bring new jobs to the market. Being a businessman, Alireza Kohany covers the market beautifully; he knows what is lacking in the market.

Alireza Kohany is setting a high benchmark and a lesson of how to become rich by working hard on dreams to all the young ones who want to become an entrepreneur, influencer and self-made businessman.