These past few months have been an unprecedented scary time for everyone. People are not only worried about the health and safety of themselves and their loved ones, but they are also worried about maintaining employment and security. People who were entirely reliant on charitable contributions are at even greater risk since the very organizations and philanthropists who have always been there for support are now having to reevaluate some of their priorities. In the face of all this uncertainty, however, there are still many organizations that are stepping up to show how much they really care about their fellow man. 

There are many stores that are helping to prioritize their vulnerable clientele like the elderly and immuno-suppressed. Supermarkets and pharmacies like Giant, Trader Joe’s, and Target, among others, have special operating hours that are only for people over 60 or who are infirmed. Without these special operating times, many of these people would only have the option of either braving the crowds and risk possible infection or being stuck at home until supplies run out. 

People miss the social aspect of going out and attending concerts and theater. Thankfully, Many celebrities have combined the public’s desire for entertainment with their star power to influence others and make a positive difference. Several beloved TV show cast members have reunited in honor of supporting healthcare professionals and the importance of social distancing guidelines. These online projects have raised money for many noble causes like food banks and medical teams all around America.  

There are also countless companies that have stepped up to donate items to the first responders who sacrifice their lives every day at work. There is a massive shortage of personal protective equipment such as masks, and companies are not only donating, there are regular citizens who are sewing masks by hand and donating them. People with 3D printers are even generating head buckles to alleviate the ear pain faced by healthcare professionals who wear masks for double and triple shifts. 

In addition to hospital staff, many children have to study from home but lack the proper equipment to do so. Little Kids Rock is an example of a nonprofit that is donating headphones for virtual classes and free streaming music lessons.

Meals-On-Wheels is getting a multitude of contributions from various companies to provide food to those in need. They join other companies such as perfect strangers who help deliver meals, groceries, and medications.