For generations, consumers have recognized their ability to make the world a better place by choosing where they spend their money. By boycotting a problematic company or service, for example, people have helped eliminate cruel and discriminatory practices.

In recent years, this type of socially conscious consumerism has become even more transparent. Many companies have noticed the trend and resolved to make charitable giving a major component of their operations. Some, like the businesses on this list, have even agreed to donate a certain portion of the money from their sales.

Being a conscious consumer is all about doing the research to understand where your dollars will become a force for good. When you shop with these five businesses, you can rest assured that you’re helping society as well as securing the goods and services you need.

The Elephant Pants

As its name suggests, this clothing company focuses on helping one of the world’s most threatened species. Not only are the pants stylish and comfortable, but you can also help Afircan elephants by purchasing them.

Newman’s Own

From salsa to pizza, this classic brand offers all sorts of grocery options. Started by the famous actor himself, the company donates a significant portion of its profits to its foundation. As you’ll soon find out, chips and salsa taste even better with a tinge of philanthropic intent.

Roma Boots

Every time you buy a pair of these waterproof rain boots, the company donates a pair to a child whose family can’t afford them. What’s more, the company gifts an additional ten percent of its profits to charity. With a pair of these stylish, socially-beneficent boots, you’ll look as good as you feel.


As its name suggests, this company is intent on using its profits to make the world a better place. They offer a wide variety of products, from travel mugs to clothing and everything in between. Their charitable causes include hunger, cancer, and environmentalism. If it’s pure variety you’re after, you couldn’t pick a better socially-conscious company to support.

Amazing Leather

If you’re looking for a leather handbag, you should consider supporting a company like this that supports the families of its workers. When you buy their products, you’re boosting education in Morocco, their production base.

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