The mission of turning everyday online purchases into charitable donations is a big part of what is driving Giving Assistant.

The Giving Assistant window-shopping platform not only gives you a refund when you buy brands that offer cashback; however, you also help contribute to charitable projects they value. Here are businesses that give back through your purchases.


For each pair sold by TOMS Shoes Company, they contribute a pair. TOMS Eyewear purchase contributes to vision-saving operations. In support of clean water initiatives, drink coffee from TOMS Roasting Co.

TOMS bags promotes safe deliveries worldwide. They also have a program of bullying prevention. TOMS customers with more than 100 donor partners have improved the lives of over 70 million individuals.


Gymboree Group holds the idea that they have a great responsibility to deal with these issues by requiring all vendors to adhere to the terms of their contract. The terms of use ensure that your products get manufactured in an ethical, responsible, and legal manner.


Uncommon products are not your average seller. As a B Corporation founding, the enterprise sells handmade products made from recycled or sustainable materials, ranging from bamboo cookware to soapstone art and recycled fashion.

The company has the Better to Give program, which offers a $1 donation for every purchase a participating member of your choice makes. Proceeds from each piece of uniquely manufactured merchandise traded by the company have donated more than $1,000,000 since 2001.


When you buy an A-class cashmere sweater or skinny Japanese jeans from Everlane, you have supported a company that offers charity from the inside out. The company also donates clothing collections and special sales to charitable fundraising events like ACLU, Human Rights Defenders, and Equality Now.


This company has serious business prospects to give back from spreading the wave of toy contributions to raising cash for a kids’ hospital. Honest Co’s commitment is to provide home, beauty, and baby items that meet particular principled standards.

The corporation’s Honest to Goodness item donations deliver diapers and medical supplies to thousands of individuals. When you purchase Honest Co, your acquisitions will help in funding healthy and safe products, in addition to education and valuable research.

Finally, some companies give back to the community through the purchases you make. Discussed above are just a few of them that you can consider buying from.