Came across a  book with just a line to read?

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Tinkling Quotes Book, a mono coloured book concept was brought to the psychology world by an entrepreneur, Mr. Karan G Saxena. Making up a quite amount of these books and applying physically to distress libraries got up a large amount of positive results locally in remote places.

Karan G Saxena – Author of Tinkling Quotes Book

Looking towards the affirmations, In 2019 The book got awarded by various Psychology branched Awards like Johari Award 2020 & Amazon I Awards For Best KDP 2020. The book went available on all the international websites and bookstores like Leading Barnes&Nobles USA, BOL.COM France, GUINTI Italy and Across all Amazon Platform like,,, The book recieved large amount of appreciation from Psychologists. The book absolutely has no paragraphs, It persists readers to read just one line, one page a day, everyday to get motivated and make a change to lives. Elie Berna, CEO of Maple Foundation said ‘There is no other book, the touch that it made me went unknown to me, I found myself like no other within hundered days, Just an hats off to the maker of this concept’.