This week marks the moment we “spring” our clocks ahead — a time when we look forward to longer days and the arrival of warmer weather. But Daylight Saving Time means we lose an hour of sleep, literally a time no one looks forward to. This lost hour disrupts our sleep patterns while our schedules and bodies get accustomed to the time change.

As a Global Master Barista who creates coffee programs for hundreds of thousands of guests at hotels around the world, I’m often asked for tips on how coffee can help people stay awake. And I know how important coffee is to daily routines. A recent survey by Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts found that an overwhelming 78% of people would rather give up alcohol, social media or sex with their partner for a year, rather than forfeit coffee!

The following tips will help to adjust to the effects of Daylight Saving, turning that lost hour into a chance to create new daily routines and better coffee habits.

Quality Coffee vs. Quantity

Daylight Saving Time and jetlag have similar effects on your routines. The key to surviving any given day you feel tired is to look for quality versus quantity. Cups and cups of coffee on the way to work will not lift your spirit, however a quality cup of coffee at a local artisanal coffee shop whilst pausing your busy schedule will certainly kick start your day. When thinking about quality, there are two different types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is highly bitter and has three times as much caffeine than Arabica, so my advice to any coffee lover is to choose 100% Arabica coffee because of its quality and taste.

Coffee is The Original Facebook, So Get Social

I have always said that for me, coffee is the original Facebook! If you are tired from Daylight Saving time, staying in bed under the blankets longer all week is not a solution that makes the best of your time. This is a great opportunity to go out and socialize. And what better way to socialize than over a cup of coffee? Catch up with friends and family, get re-energized through lively conversation and even if the coffee is decaf…sip a cup with pals to get through the week.

Get Tired…of Sugar

Because we are a society that is becoming more and more health conscious, cutting out the sugar of your cup will reap multiple benefits. But don’t worry — you can still have your sweet sip. If you do like your coffee sweet, try replacing sugar with a teaspoon of cinnamon. This saves you up to 70 calories per cup of coffee and will allow you to experience your favourite cup in a very different way. Many coffee shops have cinnamon readily available and since this is a staple item in your home pantry — the switch is easy whether home or on the road.

Sip a Cup and Lace Those Sneakers Up

Get energized with a run, jog or vigorous walk in the morning and increase your intake of Vitamin D. Enjoy a cup of coffee before your run, because it will boost your performance, accelerate fat loss and increase metabolism, which makes you lose more calories throughout the day. How can you go wrong with that combination of benefits?

Use the lost hour of Daylight Saving as an opportunity to change your routine, wake up early, go for a walk and meet with friends and family for brunch over a high-quality cup of coffee. Cheers!

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