Does the idea of applying bee venom to your face in the name of making your skin radiate sound crazy? Initial instincts may feel like this because no one would willingly let a bee sting them.  However, bee venom doesn’t carry any pain – only the benefits of making your complexion look miraculous! 

Bee venom is associated with anti-inflammatory outcomes. A recent epidemiological study in China shows that local beekeepers have a level of immunity against Covid with and without previous exposure to the virus. Bee venom contains melittin and phospholipase A2 (PLA2).  Melittin is its main component which reduces the inflammation.  Bee venom is also considered the Botox of nature (minus the needles and again pain).  It has the natural capability of deeply penetrating the skin; lifting, plumping and firming the appearance making your skin shine! 

Beauty companies are beginning to add bee venom to its portfolio of face masks, serums and moisturizers.  This bee ingredient truly promotes skin health and wellness in several ways:

  1. Reduction of inflammation
  2. Antibacterial effects
  3. Reduction of wrinkles

A 12-week beauty study demonstrated that applying a facial serum containing bee venom twice daily significantly reduced wrinkle depth and total wrinkle count, compared with a placebo.  Another 6-week study showed that 77% of its participants who had acne and used a serum with bee venom twice a day, had a very high improvement in acne compared to the placebo. 

So what’s inside bee venom?  Why does our skin react to this emulsion?  The venom itself makes our blood circulate quicker.  By doing this, the skin becomes plump and firm; filling and smoothing those fine lines and wrinkles we don’t want to see.  The quick blood circulation also stimulates our production of natural collagen and elastin – again without pain and needles. 

Bee venom is an ingredient that is proven, traditional and associated with timeless South Korean beauty regime; beauty regimes in existence for thousands of years.   Bee venom is an innovative beauty ingredient that is being introduced globally into the beauty market that helps people feel beautiful not only externally, but internally.

“When people feel beautiful, they do beautiful things.”

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