So that is the first month of 2021 done! How was it for you? Is it just me or does January feel like it is 149 day long on one hand, but whizz by on the other?

How was the first month of the year for you? Did you hit your goals? Did you have a plan, but have been sidetracked and not achieved what you wanted to, or did you not even get around to putting a plan in place for the year?

Goal setting, or not as the case maybe, all comes down to Mindset, and largely your Money Mindset. Creating a plan, and the action needed to achieve the goals you set for your business and for yourself, is all about having a healthy Money Mindset and creating the intention for what you want to happen.

The word WANT is very important, want is intentional. We are brought up to be polite and say, ‘I would like’ but when it comes to Mindset and creating the right intention, always, always substitute the word ‘like’ for ‘want’.

Being clear on what you want to achieve, how you plan to achieve it and the action needed, is a clear indication of where your Mindset is at.

Our sub-conscious likes to protect us, it likes to ensure we do not do anything to bring ourselves harm or put us in a position where we are vulnerable.

Goal setting can be seen as a way of setting we up for disappointment, big disappointment, so should be avoided at all costs – this is indicative of a Money Mindset of ‘lack’, rather than seeing the opportunity for growth and development, the ‘lack’ Mindset is more concerned about the negatives that might happen.

When looking at creating our goals for our business and personally, our sub-conscious or our mindset, can sabotage us and actively try to prevent us from setting any goals, and in particular from committing those goals to paper, for fear of what happens if we do not achieve what we set out to. Our Mindset believes it is protecting us, when in fact it is actually sabotaging our very chances of success and achieving what we really would like to, but too afraid to commit too.

Additionally, if we do get to a point, where we do create a plan and write it down, then this is when our Mindset can step in an override our intention, by creating enough doubt around the action needed, for fear of the cost that may be incurred.

For example, one of those goals may be Visibility, increasing your own personal visibility and that of your business and what you do. This may mean going live on Social Media, guesting on Podcasts, or indeed setting up your own podcast, but that Sub-conscious Saboteur kicks in and starts whispering in your ear, ‘who are you to go live’, ‘why should people listen to you’, ‘have you seen your hair today’, ‘take a look at the bags under your eyes’….anything to prevent you, from doing what is required to be more Visible and with this,  you allow that Mindset of lack to take over, to win…then what is the upshot ? Failure to achieve that goal of being more Visible.

Then moving this forward a step, if you do not get more visible, then you will not be seen, you will not be heard and more importantly, the very people you want to hear you, the people you want to help, they will not hear you either. To your prospective clients, you are invisible.

And who benefits from this…. No one.

However, when you first create your plan for the months ahead, the goals you want to achieve, and the action you want to take, this is creating intention and intention has a powerful effect on the Mindset, it demonstrates to your sub-conscious that you are serious, that you intend to achieve your goals and have a plan on how to do just that.

Building on that intention is the way to get your sub-conscious on board with helping be part of the solution. Initially it may be reluctant, and only participate from the position of damage limitation, but eventually your Mindset will start to proactively support you, and no longer sabotage you, before you have even started.

So, if you have not done so already, or if you have started but stopped, please commit to a set of goals that are going to move you forward and write them down and just as importantly write down the actions needed to achieve those goals. Passion + Action = A Plan…. Passion without Action is a dream.

Then as a next step ensure your plan is in view in several different places (including the bathroom door!), our Mindsets love visual reinforcement and reminding of what it is you are going to achieve.

And although your Mindset, or that pesky Sub-conscious Saboteur, may be reluctant to join the party initially, once your intention is clear and you are taking action, your Mindset will get the message and start to support you.

This process is not ‘won and done’, but one that needs to be continuously reinforced, but overtime that Sub-Conscious Saboteur’s voice will start to diminish, will become less frequent and you will be able to predict when it might next show up and therefore take proactive steps to prevent it from showing up.

So, create the intention, define your goals and the action needed to succeed and show that pesky Sub-conscious Saboteur who is in charge. Deal?