“Business is an exciting venture. With the technology present, competition becomes more challenging. Being an entrepreneur can be a full-time job. It will take your time, money, and effort.  It will have its ups and downs. It comes with a price and a reward.” – Byron Johnson

Entrepreneurship is for those who are willing to commit to a vision, overcome adversity, and refuse to accept failure as an option. Entrepreneurship is for those willing to do what it takes to attain success. 

If you want to become an effective business owner, Byron Johnson’s 7 tips will help you throughout your business venture.

Create Specific Goals

Set specific goals daily according to your vision. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and how much you are willing to sacrifice for it. Your goals should be both short-term and long-term goals. 

According to Byron Johnson, you should set goals within a given time frame. Give yourself a deadline. Know how far you want to go in three to six months. As for your long-term goals, imagine yourself as a successful entrepreneur a year or two from now and ten year from now. What does that look like? What are your habits? Who are you spending your time with? Create a plan that will aid your business to go further than what you have already planned for and design a clear-cut but flexible road map to reach it. Goal setting and visualizing your success daily will ensure that your business will not stagnate and continuously progress as you progress as an entrepreneur. 

Believe in Your Great Ideas

Every entrepreneur has a lot of great ideas to bring to the table. If something amazing comes to you, write it down or pin it on your vision board. It will make sure that you will not forget about it and it will be there when you need it. 

Your ideas are your ticket to success, and you must be the number one person to believe in it. If you don’t believe in yourself and your capabilities to achieve great success, you will end up in the same spot as you were. If you don’t trust your own ideas, you can’t expect someone else to believe in them. 

Be Open-Minded and Grounded

Keeping an open mind is an important virtue for Byron Johnson, and he believes this is something every business owner must possess. Listening to an outsider’s perspective can give you a broader vision. It will keep you grounded and smarter. It will help you gain a better context of your goals and will let you foresee other possibilities. 

Do not hesitate to ask for expert advice from someone who has the experience you are looking for. The valuable insights that you might receive from someone further along their own journey as an entrepreneur can save you years of trial and error. Be open to criticism, and make sure that you stick to your goals, and do not let others’ opinions fully influence your action plan. 

Optimize Your Finances Accordingly

Allocate your funds to the most important things. If you have a limited budget, make sure not to spend it all on unnecessary purchases. Assess the kind of business you want to put up and determine the most vital things you need to invest in. 

You can start small and gradually grow. That way, you have the time to adjust and know the industry before putting in all of your savings. Once you are already well adjusted and have accumulated enough capital, knowledge, experience, you can consider larger investments into your business. 

Build a Diverse and Energetic Team

Having a diverse and robust team behind your back is essential. Your team is your source of workforce and ideas. Having a disparate group will balance your business and give you more diversity when it comes to creating your marketing strategies. It will keep ideas flowing and it will provide you with more options to consider for growth. 

Energetic team members will keep the flow going and the mood lively. Hire team members that are enthusiastic and willing to learn. 

Focus More on Learning and Creating

If being a business owner is your lifelong dream, your passion, then it is certain that you will have a lot of fun doing it. Despite the exhaustion it brings you, you will still feel like it’s something that comes easy for you. But, make sure that you don’t let the fun carry you away. 

Focus on learning and creating things that are of advantage to your business. Keep yourself away from unnecessary distractions. 

Be Prepared to Take Risks

A business venture is a risk every entrepreneur must be willing to take. Byron Johnson believes If you are afraid to take risks, then success in business will be far from your reach. Know that every marketing scheme you do is a risk that could lead to a potential setback for your business. But, you still have to try and discover what works. 

It may be too cliche’ as it sounds, but you have to go big or go home. Successful business stories are always backed with a lot of failures and a lot of risk-taking actions as well. No business in the world attained success without making a big step. 

Having an outsider’s perspective can greatly help the growth of your business. Ask advice from someone who has the right experience and drive to tackle business challenges. Byron Johnson, a young entrepreneur who opened his very first business during his twenties is someone you can rely on for advice so your business venture can move forward. 

Byron Johnson has the skills to help your business reach its full potential. Owning multiple businesses around Tampa, Florida made Byron Johnson the go-to guy for start-up companies seeking assistance. 

Being an effective business owner demands creativity, courage, and wit. If you want a successful entrepreneur in the future, keep in mind these valuable tips. It will surely lead you to where you want to go. 

About Byron Johnson

Byron Johnson is a founder, entrepreneur, and CEO known for founding a number of businesses which include an insurance agency, construction and remodeling company while also investing in some commercial real estate. Since relocating to Tampa, FL in late 2007, Byron opened his first Liberty Tax Franchise in 2012, and in 2014, founded Star Nsurance, a respected Auto insurance company in the heart of Tampa servicing over 10,000 active customers. 

Byron Johnson also owns Embassy Construction and Remodeling, a top-notch contractor for home improvement and remodeling needs and is also an owner of a 50+ unit commercial property located in the up and coming Seminole Heights area close to downtown Tampa.

To give back, Byron Johnson has a popular YouTube channel where he shares free tips and valuable insurance info daily. You can find him under the name “Cheap Car Insurance Guru” YouTube channel. Byron Johnson also has a passion for playing poker. He has played poker competitively since his college days back in 2003. Recently, in February of 2020 he won a major WSOP event (World Series of Poker Event) bringing home a prestigious Gold WSOP championship ring. For more information on Byron Johnson, visit byron-johnson.com or follow him on social media.

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