Walking Between Two Worlds

“What’s your five-year plan?” A question that makes me cringe every time I hear it. Why? Because once you start walking the warrior path, the way of Spirit, many conventional beliefs simply fall away. Like the traditional goal setting followed by aligning a vision to your goals. The way of Spirit reverses that. A goal is useful only as a short term, direct line to a specific outcome. 

In contrast, your vision is a long term big picture of your life, answering questions of who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do. It contains the most potent questions of your life, which you don’t think of asking until you face some kind of existential crisis, or feel that hungry longing for “something more.” Does this hit home for you? I speak from direct experience.

This is what I have learned about visioning. On the warrior path, you don’t birth a vision with your rational mind and then willfully hammer it into being. Instead, you “dream in” your vision from your unconscious. You allow it to emerge, organically, in its own timing, from your core, your inner guidance. I was sent out on a vision quest and told to ask for my vision. Pray for my vision. Cry for my vision. Hunt my vision. And so I did.

When you commit to walking between the two worlds, the world of Spirit and the physical world, strange encounters often happen. As part of my journey of calling in my vision, in the mountains in Crestone, Colorado, I met a snake on my vision quest that told me that my pursuit of this lifetime was a continuation of a quest I had been on eons ago in Ethiopia as a manifestor of social change. A change agent. A messenger. On the same search, I met a bear who told me I was supposed to write as part of my vision manifestation and that he would help me. I also received a message through a dream in which I was guiding people over a treacherous riverbed that they couldn’t maneuver by themselves, bringing them from a world of collapse to a world of sanity and safety. And finally, in a meditation sitting on a giant crystal, I experienced myself as a Blue Canoe, a representation of wholeness and consciousness, sailing between places that needed my assistance while always keeping my center and well-being.

It was these creative messages and others, which helped me to piece together my unique vision I’m fulfilling today. It’s always crucial that you not forgo your own vision by putting all your energy into someone else’s. We all have special gifts and talents, making up our uniqueness, which we need to share and contribute to the collective vision for the benefit of the world. And in the process of hunting and manifesting our vision, we heal our wounding. That sets us free. And that will bring us your power. Your TRUE Power.


Image credits: Drew Graham, Unsplash


  • Rúna Bouius

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    Rúna Bouius is a former CEO and serial entrepreneur from Iceland and the founder of the True Power Institute. She is a speaker, author, executive coach, and consultant to visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and people of influence. She is on the vanguard of the new-business-paradigm thinking, the creation of better workplaces, and developing the emerging leaders.