After handling thousands of criminal and personal injury cases, Camara Mintz is branching out and accepting new cases in Maryland. His ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible, so he’s getting creative and opening more office spaces to extend his support.

Why did you start a criminal defense practice?

“After I finished studying criminal justice for my undergrad degree, I spent five years in law enforcement. So I have a unique perspective because I know how prosecutors build their cases and how police investigate cases, and I’ve touched just about all sides of law enforcement,” says Camara.

“What drives me is that I’m a BIG believer in a zealous defense. Everyone deserves someone to fight for them. There are some severe problems with our system. Frankly, our system is broken. And I know this because I’ve been on the streets in law enforcement, I’ve prosecuted cases, and I’ve seen how the deck is stacked against people in these criminal cases. All of this motivates me to help others who may not have someone who can help them.”

Why do you think you’re drawn to helping other people?

“I want to help people because most of them have no idea what the laws are and how they affect their rights, especially in personal injury cases. And because I grew up in the same community that my firm now serves, I’m even more invested. I’m very familiar with our justice system and how it affects our community. For instance, most people don’t understand that they’re entitled to compensation when they get injured because of someone else’s negligence. I’m the guy who feels the need to help them.”

What makes your practice Gracia & Mintz Attorneys At Law stand out?

“Honestly, the biggest thing for us is that our clients come first. We make sure we can help them by offering 24/7 attorney access. Our job is to understand every detail of their case, so we don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve in a criminal or personal injury case. We also offer payment plans for our criminal cases and only get paid if our client does in our personal injury cases.”

“On top of that, we only work on cases we’re passionate about. Our goal isn’t to practice in every area possible, but we want to be the best for our clients in criminal defence and personal injury. Because of this outlook, we’re confident we can give valuable and unrivalled representation to you or your loved ones.” 

Contact them and learn more through Instagram: @graciamintzlaw