Cameron Farthing is a digital marketer and the co-founder and director of The Normal Company. Cameron is successfully working with brands globally and helping them uncover their true potential and achieve their goals. 

In this article, Cameron Farthing shares tips to manage emotional well-being whilst building a challenging career. 

Be Active

The mind and the body are inherently linked to each other. Improvement in your physical health can directly contribute to emotional wellness. Cameron Farthing has spent the past 12 months exercising daily. He explains that exercise makes him feel more energetic throughout the day and has significantly improved his memory. Furthermore, it helps him feel more focused and relaxed. 

It is important that you contribute a portion of your day to some form of physical activity. There are various options to choose from, for example, walking, running, cycling, swimming, martial arts or even dancing. Cameron advises that while staying active you should focus on the movements of your body and see this as an outlet for your stress. 

Maintain a Balance 

Create a healthy balance between work and your life. Do not let your career invade your entire mental space. Cameron suggests that you discover your hobbies and find a way to incorporate them into your daily life. He reads one book per week and listens to podcasts daily. Make leisure a priority and find ways to connect with yourself. It can be anything from reading a book to watching a movie to playing some music. 

Beyond work hours try to disconnect with your stress by focusing primarily on positive things around you. Cameron advises that you should appreciate all the positivity around you and use it to negate all your worries. 

Connect With People Around You 

Spend quality time with all the positive people you are surrounded with whether they are friends, neighbors, relatives or grandparents. Building strong connections will provide a sense of purpose. Talk to people close to you about your difficulties and when something is bothering you. Regularly engaging in conversation will create attachments that will support and enrich you every day. 

A demanding career can take a toll on your relationships and lead you to social avoidance and isolation. Spending quality time with people can help reverse these effects and rejuvenate your social life. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Learn to appreciate all your accomplishments and be proud of yourself. Cameron Farthing recommends that you forgive yourself for your mistakes and don’t be hard on yourself for all the wrong decisions that you have made. One important step to an increase in emotional well-being is that you acknowledge your struggle and give yourself time to cope with the stress. Cameron takes time to accept his mistakes and uses them as tools to expand his knowledge. 

When situations become unfavorable it is easy to blame yourself and self-destruct but you need to remind yourself that you are bigger than your mistakes and your hard work will help you rise above your challenges. 


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