Camping gear list-Must-have Essentials for Your Trip

Camping is one of the greatest experiences for outdoor enthusiasts but having the right set of gear is essential. Unlike other vacations where you can just run to a nearby store and pick something that you don’t have, you are entirely dependent on your packing skills when you are out in the backcountry.

Without any particular order, this camping gear list has all the essentials you will need for a safe and comfortable adventure.


You will need somewhere to move into when night falls. Unless you want to sleep under the stars and deal with the elements that come your way, a tent is a must-have.

It should be easy to set-up and take down. And there’s no one-size-fits-all tent – you will need to consider the number of sleepers and whether it’s a three-season or four-season tent.

Sleeping bag

While a tent will provide cover, a sleeping bag is your ‘bed’ when you are out there. Without one, you will be in for a cold and uncomfortable night.

These too come in various sizes and types, such as rectangular, mummy, and quilts, and you will need to consider the insulation as well – down or synthetic.


Sitting, eating and relaxing around the fire are all great when you are not on the ground. Look for those that pack down small for easy transport, but set-ups into a comfortable seat in seconds.


When the sun goes down, it’s good to have light in your tent. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a headlamp or a handheld flashlight as far as you can light up your surroundings. Light is good for your safety, for preparing dinner, gathering firewood, and more.

Camping Stove

You will need to boil water, warm food or cook raw foods. Here there are many options to choose from including canisters, wood burners, solid fuel, and liquid fuel stoves. A canister is the most convenient in terms of space and fast boiling or cooking times.

Survival kit

One of the things you should never forget to pack is a small survival kit. It should contain the essential items you would need to survive such as camping survival knife, compass, cell phone, and medical kit.

You can find factory assembled survival kits or you can create your own custom survival kit. Some of the items you should have included an assortment of bandages, tweezers, aspirin, antacid, antiseptic wipes, gauze, and tape.

Water purifier

The dangers of drinking untreated water are well documented and even the purest of mountain streams can harbor a variety of pathogens. While there are many ways to treat water, most campers find that a portable water purifier is the most effective and convenient solution. One purifier for every two people should suffice.

Mess kit

Every camping party needs this one for preparing, cooking and serving food. A typical mess kit will comprise of two sets of flatware, some pots, and pans, a couple of plates and cups.

There are many variations of mess kits so you should pack depending on your needs. You also need to consider the kind of foods you will be making when planning out this kit.

Many commercial camping foods can be eaten straight from the bag and that eliminates the need for plates. On the contrary, you will need a number of plates and pans if you want to make bacon and pancakes for breakfast.

Solar charger

If you don’t want to be completely disconnected in the woodland, a solar charger will be useful. It can ensure your phone, flashlight light, and other gadgets are powered at all times or whenever you need.

Even if you don’t intend to use your smartphone, it is good to have a power source in case of an emergency, since it has a built-in torch, compass, and whistle.

Water bottle

Along with a water purifier, you need a water bottle, especially if you will be staying in a campground with potable water. It is also important for when you need to take small hikes or want to get involved in an exercise.

Hygiene pack

Being clean is part of a great camping experience. If there is no shower nearby, wet wipes designed for no-rinse bathing will come in handy.

Dry shampoo can help remove sweat, smells, and oil without the need for any water, while a hand sanitizer will help in hand washing before eating food and after using the bathroom.

Don’t forget a toothbrush and toothpaste and make sure to use potable water for brushing your teeth.


You have to carry home memories of your trip. So consider a decent camera if your phone can’t take high-quality pictures.

In Conclusion

While you can take as much as you want for a camping trip, the above 12 items are the most basic that no adventure can do without it.