Can a man become what he wants to become? Contrary to what it seems like common sense and general opinion, man is not the victim of his circumstances. This happens only when a person believes it to be so, and this is the main cause of failure to achieve.
All through history man has overcome insurmountable hardships and circumstances. If anything, history teaches that man is a master of his circumstances and has the power to create the circumstance he desires.
Our present condition is the direct result of our actions and the ideas that generated that action. Thoughts and ideas are powerful and responsible for the creation of all inventions and advance in human history and is the key to our success as well. 
So it stands to reason that we can control our destinies by the way we choose to think.
We are all writers, we are writing a book called my life! We are all Movie directors and the main actors in a movie called my life. 
If an architect and builder can visualize a beautiful house, draw the ideas and build it with finesse and beauty, why can we not do the same with our own lives?
We love to blame others for all the bad things that happen to us, we blame our parents, our partners, our circumstances, the government, the economy or the weather, but seldom admit that most of our troubles are caused by our negative, fearful and unintelligent thinking and beliefs.
We are thinking all the time and in the process we are in a way, creating the results we see in our daily lives. We cannot stop thinking, but we can control the quality of our thoughts.
Man, think for yourself! if you think good thoughts your life will reflect that and the opposite is also true. We need to form clear concepts, strong convictions and act accordingly; growth will follow naturally as day follows the night. When we become able to direct our thoughts, ideas, and desires for good, we will receive all the benefits as well.
There are no shortcuts in life. A great life must be created, as an artist creates a masterpiece. You cannot find it, buy it or borrow it from another; none can give it to you, it is something you must create inside of you with your ideas and thoughts and plans for your future.