Yes of course! If at the final moment, a person remains in Samadhi, he shall be joyous and balanced at the time of death. Also, his loved ones and everyone near him will experience enormous peace and bliss within, despite this person having died!

Death in Samadhi

Samadhi death means at the time of death, the dying one remembers nothing but his Soul. His chit (consciousness) is focused only on his Pure Soul. His mind, his chit, his intellect and his ego are completely still. He experiences eternal bliss! Even the problems in his body have no effect on him.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan specifies, “If a person has anxieties and worries about his family in the final moments of his death, we should know that he is bound for a lower life form. This is all invited misery. But if his awareness is fixed on the Soul, he goes to a higher life form.”

Therefore, we should tell death, ‘Come whenever you want to, early or late, but come as a samadhi death!’ 

Samadhi death means there is a constant awareness of, ‘I am the pure Soul’ 

This awareness becomes possible only after Self-Realization. Neither physical ailments nor mental suffering touches the one who is Self-realized. Even if he is in an unconscious state in the final moment, he can remain in the awareness of the knowledge of the Self; because when one is Self-Realized, the conviction within him is that really, ‘I am a Pure Soul only’. 

On the other hand, one who is not a Self-realized person may invite mental suffering even when it is not there. Do you know why? 

Let’s understand…

How is Soul attached with the body, involved with the body? 

“Due to the wrong belief”, says Gnani.

By wrong belief of ‘I am Claudet (please insert your name here)’, you feel oneness with Claudet. Your belief is wrong. Due to that wrong belief, you are totally involved in Claudet. 

Really speaking, by the vision of Gnani, the Pure Soul is always separate from the mind, speech, body, the intellect, the ego, everything. Really both the elements (the Soul and the matter that the body is made up of) are always separate. Just like oil and water never mix with each other, the properties of both these elements are such that they are in an unmixable form; similarly here also, the Pure Soul and the matter, both these elements are totally separate and they do not really mix with each other. But due to wrong belief, we feel that“I am suffering, I am doing and I am involved.”

So, you remain in oneness with Claudet, but by wrong belief only.

Self-Realization is the Remedy

In Akram Vignan, Gnani changes your wrong belief of ‘I am Claudet’ to the right belief of ‘I am a Pure Soul’ within two hours only, by gracing you with Self-Realization. By right belief, you are separated from Claudet. This is the beginning of the experience of the Pure Soul; say 1 degree of experience. You have to reach 100 degrees. Slowly, as you practice 5 principles, your awareness will go on increasing and you will get more experience of Pure Soul.

This is how we all can attain Self-Realization in a very easy and effortless manner, without having to take up hard penances or renounce the world and our belongings.

The Right Vision

On Self-Realization, we attain the right vision.

The Soul never dies, but as long as you have not become the Soul (Self-realized), you will experience fear. Do you not fear death? If something were to happen to your body, you will begin to have fear about dying. It is because of your conviction and belief that you are this body and that you are Claudet. If that focus and belief was not one with the body, then death cannot touch you. This is how a person who is Self-Realized can remain joyous and balanced even at the final moment.

It’s just a mistake in one’s belief. He believes that he is living, he is dying, he is a mortal (jiva). But in reality, he is immortal (Shiva). It is because this deep mystery has not been understood, that this world is in such a state of chaos.

The Soul is free from the bondage of birth and death. It is eternal; it has no death

One can achieve a state free from birth and death when one has complete clarification of all mysteries of life and death. When you understand the nature of the Soul, all puzzles are solved. It is however, hard to understand. That is why all the scriptures tell you to understand the Soul because without this knowledge, anything done is done in vain. It does not help. First realize the Soul, then all puzzles will be solved. And to realize the Soul, we need to go to Gnani because no one other than the Gnani is able to give us the firm understanding (a firm conviction) of the qualities of the Soul and the ego. 

Everything (all your material possessions) is confiscated by Nature when you die. So, should you not do something for your real Self i.e. your Soul then?