It seems like most humans only have a one-track mind. Even though we have two eyes and two hands, we usually use them for one task at a time. We walk in one direction with two legs, and we look at one object or person with two eyes. It begs the question; do you think it is possible to focus on two different things at the same time?

If you were to ask Russian-born entrepreneur Aleksander Vayshelboym, he would tell you that it is definitely possible. After all, the human brain has an analytical side and an artistic side. If you can learn to use the two sides together, then you can accomplish two things at once. Aleksander attributes his success in America to this very concept. 

Introducing Aleksander Vayshelboym

Aleksander spent his childhood on the rough streets of Russia. He dreamt of coming to the United States and becoming a Hollywood film actor. It seemed impossible that his dream would ever come true until his family got the opportunity to go to the United States.

Once Aleksander arrived in America, he had to generate an income to help support his family. It meant that his acting ambitions would have to be put on hold in the meantime. But because his aspirations for success were higher than merely getting a job, he started a small business of his own called “Iconic Mortgage Corp.” It was a mortgage company that lent money to people who needed financial help to purchase homes. 

“It was difficult competing with the big banks,” said Aleksander. “After a couple of years studying my competition and dissecting my flaws, I worked on a new business plan that would allow my company to provide a better level of service than the bigger banks. Once I put my plan into action, my company grew into a large corporation that is now licensed in eighteen states.”


Aleksander achieved financial freedom and success as an entrepreneur and business owner. He was able to provide for his family in America and make sure they were financially supported. By this point, Aleksander was ready to pursue the original dream of becoming a film actor and director. 

This was where Aleksander proved to himself that he could do two things at once. He proved that he could successfully manage his mortgage company and study acting at the same time. Aleksander used the analytical side of his brain to run his company, and the artistic side of his brain to pursue acting.

In 2015, Aleksander went to film school and studied hard to pursue his acting dream. Meanwhile, he continued to manage his mortgage company and pay for his expenses with the money he made from it.

“Over the last five years, I have worked on combining my skill sets of acting and running a corporate business together,” said Aleksander. “I have noticed that each one has helped to elevate the other. Acting has taught me to slow down and focus on every little detail of a scene, which is a skill I now use in my business life. On the flip side, the business world has taught me to be a risk-taker, which was a skill I desperately needed in my acting career.”

Aleksander has already appeared in several films in recent years. His latest film release was entitled The Swing of Things.


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