Would you describe yourself as having grace under pressure?

If you’re a introvert, I wouldn’t be surprised if you said YES!

It’s a common trait of introverts to embody a sense of calm and focus in chaotic situations.

Of course it’s not true for all introverts, but for many this is what contributes to their strong leadership.

Where do you get your sense of composure during difficult times?

Let’s see if the following traits resonate with you:

* Introverts make excellent listeners.

* Introvert leaders are known to listen deeply discerning the true essence of what others are trying to communicate.

* Introverts seek to understand all aspects of the problem before providing a solution.

* Introvert leaders develop thoughtful and measured plans to address issues after taking in feedback via intentional listening.

* Introverts shine as leaders with vision.

* Introvert leaders show focus during times of trouble.

* Introverts take action mindfully, rather than impulsively.

* Introverts use solitude (and NEED it) to reflect, plan, focus, and strategize.

introverted leaders

No matter what people say, introverts can and ARE decisive.

Because they take time to think first before taking action, while not impulsive, introvert leaders are decisive.

These capable leaders think through options from different perspectives before selecting the best strategy.

This provides clarity in ambiguous situations and garners trust with their teams – perfect for what is going on in our world today!

Are you an introvert or know of introverted leaders? If not, here is a list of well-known introverted leaders:

Rosa Parks
Eleanor Roosevelt
Mahatma Gandhi
Abraham Lincoln
Jane Goodall
Barack Obama
Marissa Mayer
Bill Gates
Steve Wozniak
Condoleezza Rice
Nelson Mandela
And many more…..
Don’t let anyone tell you introverts aren’t cut out for leadership. It’s simply not true.

Embrace your strengths and share them with others – the world needs the best YOU!