Can language be inherited

Do you find yourself saying the same things your parents say, or your Grandparents or even your Great Grandparents? Perhaps they use more Reactive Language such as “I should, I must, I can’t” and you find that you also use that type of language every day.

When you notice yourself using this type of language take a moment and reflect on it and ask yourself “who else uses this type of language in my family? and what does their life look like?

Generally those who use more Reactive Language blame others for the “lot in life” and don’t take a lot of responsibility for their life.

In contrast those who use a more Proactive Language such as “I can, I will, I choose” take great responsibility for their lives, their actions and most importantly their reactions to events etc.

The language that we use can lift us up or tear us down especially in time of crisis. If you’re ready to change your language and see your world change NOW is the perfect time – it all starts with YOU. You influence your current environment and your generations to come.