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Living alone, far away from your friends and family can make you depressed now and then. You wish you could visit them more often, but your tricky job responsibility prevents you from following your heart. And, a depressed mind is never productive. You tend to have negative thoughts that keep you sad all the time. Instead of grumbling about a pathetic life, you can always use social networking sites to stay in touch with your friends and family. But the question is, can social media bring that lost happiness in your life?

Balance your thoughts

Social media can bring happiness in your life. But it depends on how you think of it. Having a positive attitude towards life is more important here. For example, you will see your friends partying, going to holiday destinations, and so on. If you think that you are missing out on so many things, then social media may not work in your favor. Instead, you should be happy to see them happy. You should understand that it’s your job that’s keep you from these events.

Your friends and family deserve to be happy; with or without you. In fact, you should also share photos of your life so that everyone knows about your whereabouts. Merely talking over the phone may not always work. Moreover, you can’t talk to everyone over the phone. Sharing photos on Facebook or Instagram can make your life happier. You will want to check now and then who likes your posts and who commented on it. Some people even go on to purchase Instagram likes on sites like Poprey, just so they can make their friends jealous.

Seek meaning to your life and happiness will follow

You can’t seek happiness; all you can do is seek meaning to your life and happiness will follow you. If you think that social media can improve your happiness quotient, continue with it. However, you need to understand that you shouldn’t think according to what your friends or family are thinking. It’s your life, and you should consider social media as an option to share that life with others.

Some people relish loneliness. They feel happy gardening, reading books, listening to music, and things like that. It doesn’t really matter if they are staying a kilometer away from their family or a country away. But, if you don’t belong to that group, take up social media and see what’s going on in the life of your family and friends.

Common Sense Media believes that many people find happiness in social media. They like to stay engaged with the lives of their friends. That’s why an average person spends nearly five years of their entire life on these websites. They rely on social media to get news and also communicate with everyone they know.

This sense of remaining engaged in something related to close people in your life is what brings you happiness. It is this sense of feeling together that keeps you happier even when you are miles away from your house.


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