To be a great leader in today’s world, you must lead from the heart.

We are not our title, we are not our profession, we are not the car that we drive anymore. We are the realization of love through our infinite potential, and as leaders, we must strive to elevate our teams beyond the workplace.

It begins with checking in with your intention. Individually, we desperately seek immediate answers and instant accomplishments, but it’s the human-centric collaboration which creates the most meaningful breakthroughs.

Your tribe definitely
defines your vibe.

I like to call it my “Tribe” – it reminds me of a time when holding hands and sitting around a campfire was essential to our survival. It feels like we lost our ancient and sacred rituals along the way, in order to make room for a culture of hyper performance and bottom-lines. This compromise has come with an expensive price tag: our well-being.

Can business performance and soul centered living coexist? I truly believe so.

It begins with heartfelt purpose, people resonate with purpose and high vibrations. When you navigate with a clear purpose the tribe will push you further on the journey, and as leaders, we must lead but also know when to be lead.

This is where the ego gets in the way. A little ego is positive for drive, but to be truly of service to others, it requires that we continue to cultivate our awareness as much as our career skills.

Don’t run, don’t force things, learn the ways of yourself to align with the right people. It is within that space that you can truly develop not only yourself but a unique idea, product or organization that truly betters our world.

Don’t let the world intimidate you. Start small, with yourself, then one person, then your team, then your community. Iteration, progress and failures are part of your tests. You must be patient. You must grow, heal, fall, see, awaken, rise, fall again, try, experiment, heal again, love, fight, push back, let go, be humble, be brave and go further.

Mostly, you must lead with love. Do this with your business, your career, your partner, your lover, your friends, your organization and family. But mostly, do this with yourself.  

Do not seek to avoid pain. Pain teaches, but be silent to understand the lesson and then go further with compassion. 

The business world 2.0 will respond to that intention. The purpose will be your northern star and your tribe will align to the higher calling of love, improvement and progress. 

Remember, when your intention is clear, your purpose will arrive. This will guide you in all aspects of your life.