Social media is often blamed for a lot of negative trends—from attention spans getting shorter and shorter to the world’s collective inability to get a decent night’s rest. Yet one can’t deny the advantages of social media either. These are platforms that can help inform the public. Social media connects people in a way that we have not seen before. And it can also help us be more flexible and agile so we become more productive.

Now, you can also add making the world a better place to this list of benefits—thanks to organizations like Charitable.

Charitable offers a unique opportunity for brands and influencers to grow their social audience while giving back to a good cause. Their campaigns allow you to partner with top celebrities and influencers with a massive audience to drive growth for your brand or service.

“The concept, which we’ve successfully used to drive millions of new followers, is designed to deliver growth of real, engaged followers for your brand. And we achieve this by tapping into a list of client social accounts and launching loop giveaway campaigns with major prize incentives that bring to the fore a charitable component,” explains CEO and Founder Jeff Smith.

It’s a brilliant growth model that uses the world’s love for social as a jump-off point to make a real difference. One of the biggest challenges that nonprofits face is their inability to bring attention to their causes. Coupled with lack of funding, time and resources leads to these organization’s slow growth, dwindling success, and unfortunately poor organic reach. Charitable exists to bridge that gap between business owners, media personalities, and social good.

Every Charitable campaign supports a non-profit cause. Charitable and its celebrity partners choose reputable nonprofits doing amazing things in the world, and supports them with cash donations as a part of every giveaway that is hosted by the organization. By joining Charitable’s mission to leverage the vast audiences of celebrities on social media to create awareness for causes, and support their programs with real dollars, anyone who participates can do their part to make the world a better place and at the same time, grow their audience.

“Charitable allows the world to make use of a platform that is constantly being scrutinized for how easily it can promote negativity and misinformation. Social media is powerful. And when used the right way, with the right messaging, we can turn its current reputation on its head and demonstrate just how important it is for promoting social good,” ends Jeff Smith.