You know that feeling you get when the clothes just feel right? Some people call it “the power suit”, and others might say they are in their own skin. It turns out there is a science to back up this phenomenon, as a study from McLean Hospital found that certain types of clothing can have an indirect yet subtle effect on your anxiety levels. Yes, you read correctly! Certain types of clothing can decrease stress while other type leads to increased stress level with negative effects for self-confidence too!


Many people report feeling more confident when they wear clothes that make them feel good, or more specifically, fit well with their body type. Unfortunately, for many people, this means going to great lengths to accessorize the right outfit to change how they feel about themselves. This can be very difficult, especially if you do not live near a designer clothing store, but there is a way…and it won’t cost you much either! The key lies in understanding colors. It is no secret that some colors impact us deeply emotionally, from how they make us feel to what they say about our personality.

In 2005, a study was conducted where 20 participants were put into three different groups and asked to wear either a red or blue t-shirt while taking part in an activity. The researchers found that those who wore the red colored shirts exhibited higher levels of confidence and improved performance in overall speed compared to their blue counterparts, even though both colors are essentially neutral. So what does this mean for your everyday life? It means if you are headed on a job interview, a date, or you are simply trying to look your best out on the town, you should make sure you wear a red-colored shirt to project confidence, charisma, and charm.

Another factor that has been proven to impact our self-confidence levels is how others perceive us. The saying goes, “you get treated like what you wear”, and this couldn’t be more true! Whether it is being seated at a nice restaurant, being invited into exclusive clubs, or just getting asked for your phone number, people treat those who dress better much differently than they do others who appear slobby!

Where it all began

The 1920s was a time of change, where people from all walks of life embraced the modern age. It was a time marked by new and revolutionary ideas such as bigger, better, and more encompassing ways of existence. As we know, fashion tends to follow these ideals closely, and this period is no exception! Fashionable women began wearing items that would allow them to be active while still remaining fashionable (i.e. running clothes).

This era saw women confidently strutting in public in new styles made possible by advancements in technology and science, giving rise to the term “flappers”.

These new fashions and styles allowed women to go from being housewives to newly found freedom away from their kitchens, sewing machines, and motherly duties. In a way, they became more active parts of society, much like men. The fact that these 1920 dresses were made possible through technology was just another step towards equality, which helped boost the self-confidence levels of women who began wearing them. They started wearing professional clothing for the first time and were able to loosen up and allow their bodies to breathe while still feeling feminine. The self-confidence boost that resulted from this freedom was overwhelming.

The benefits to self-confidence

Take dressing professionally, for example: according to Business Insider, when applying for jobs, if you are suited up with slacks and a dress shirt, you are 78% more likely to get called in for an interview. Now that may not seem like a lot. Still, it is actually quite significant considering using this strategy only takes about 15 minutes out of your day! And if you think dressing up can limit itself to getting interviewed for jobs, think again!

Did you know that people will judge your intelligence level based on what you wear? According to research conducted by psychologist Gordon Moskowitz, those who dressed professionally as opposed to sloppily were perceived by others as having higher levels of intelligence and determination.


Regardless of gender, age, and economic status, most people want to look their best at all times. And this is a great thing! This only means that if everyone begins to dress better, it can spread happiness throughout the world through confidence, which can be a powerful tool in personal and professional success. Feel free to start making happiness your goal, and remember – choose red more often than you do blue since it makes you look more confident!