What is Kindness

What is kindness?

I wondered this when a Page-A-Day calendar threw me this quote “Kind things I said today“.

What does it mean to each of us? What does being kind mean to someone else when we meet them or share a moment of our day?

How many kind things can you say, and do every day? Do your smile and kind words make a cat purr, or a human glad to know you?

What is Kindness to People?

Kindness makes everyone happy, and being kind takes as many different shapes as there are clouds in the sky.

Kindness can be:

The happy whizzing tail of a pup going at top speed when its owner is kind and praises the pup for doing well in a training session. 

Kindness Can Change a World

The laughter of a child who has just received a fun gift from a kind grandparent, or the dad who reassures a nervous young swimmer before they get in the pool.

The pleasant thank you to the cashier at the supermarket which reminds them that we value their help. They know our kind words make us nice people, happy to share a moment in their busy working day.

Kindness for Animals

What is Kindness To Others?

For a charity or rescue organisation kindness can make a real difference. Rent could be paid for someone in need, or food purchased for shelter pets. Kindness can also prompt the important donation that rescued a pet and gets them adopted.

Be kind and conscious of the people around you. Be extra kind to an older person or a senior animal who moves more slowly. They were bright and young once, they have full lives and happy, kind memories.

When in doubt, be kind.