It took a complete crisis to show us the meaning of our existence

We had lost ourselves to greed, vanity, petty differences and maleficence

Too caught up in the pursuit of self- dominance, we conveniently ignored Nature’s desperate cry for help;
we were blindsided by our deep rooted arrogance

Then one fine day, Newton’s third law shot into prominence;
Nature unleashed a novel virus that became an acid test of our endurance

It pushed us to re-look at our choices, and create new ways of living to strike a healthy balance

As we stand still and powerless in a state of social- isolation,
we have already embarked on a new journey of spiritual realization.

Where hegemony and hedonism have made way for grace, kinship and compassion.

We ‘can’t go out’ but we are surely ‘going in’. The wounded earth is healing. #Stayathome #Staysafe #Fightcovid #savetheearth