Your lack of motivation and energy may have to do with these three areas: 

  1. Self Compassion

The only thing in the way of your wellbeing is YOU and your critical mind …so self compassion is key to combat self judgment and sabbotage. I can already hear you blaming yourself for things that are completely human …such as negative self talk. You have all the potential in this universe and being kind to yourself, being mindful of the way you get in your way is key to rewiring that neurocircuit. Once you have these keys in your hand of the “shadow” parts of yourself, contemplate how your brain is wired for survival and these shadows are in fact your default survival settings. Write them down and write a letter of forgiveness to each one of them (this can become an ongoing practice in itself) A reset with self compassion with a side of self acceptance and you will soon replace negative self talk with compassionate understanding & self motivation. This is essential for anyone starting a mindfulness practice, more on that in the article “Why mindfulness is so hard and how to maintain a practice”

2. Grounding

Most westerners and unfortunately this includes kids too…we are so far from grounded and sometimes even disconnected completely from the very Earth we walk upon. Grounding also known as earthing …is literally connecting with the earth barefoot and has shown to ground our racing energies. Its not just energy practitioners like myself that understand this… recent scientific research (link below) has proved that negative ions are transferred to our physical bodies thus infusing a sense of calm through your feet and helps people sleep. 

Practicing mindfulness in nature helps to ground even if that means watching rain drops or leaves dance in the wind…you dont need to live in the forest to connect to nature…she forces her way through the concrete to say “Hi” sometimes if you just notice. Without some level of nature time or grounding practice in life your physical and enegy body is treading water in a way…eventually causing exhaustion or our modern epidemic of burnout. Get gardening, schedule walks in nature, buy a pot plant and talk to it or put your feet in there sometimes just start somewhere and get grounding for you, me and everything else.

3. Boundaries

If you are a self diagnosed people pleaser or empath then listen up! Saying No is ok! There will be people in your life that find your path to wellbeing brings up “stuff” for them and they may attempt to distract you which is often unconscious behaviour playing out because it makes them look at their wellbeing or lack there of and for some that brings up these behaviours to try keep you down at their level where its “safe” and known. For highly sensitive and people that identify as empaths (unlike empathy you literally feel other peoples feelings) maintaining boundaries and especially boundaries of your energy are so important to avoid energy leaks and depletion. Have noticed that some people leave you feeling more energised and others are like energy vampires? This is for real and sooner you make your energy boundaries real the sooner you will understand its truth because you are guaranteed to feel more vitality than ever before! A very simple practice is to set the intention every morning to clear your energy (you can imagine a shower over you) and then claim to seal your energy…so you are preventing leaks and it cannot be zapped from you that way. 

These three areas I see as common blocks when clients feel “stuck” or just cant stick to a wellbeing routine. See how you go now you are aware of these potential obstacles and remember to be kind to yourself, for you, me and everything else.