Every CEO has a starting point lower than their end goal. Their ambition and drive are what continuously motivate them to continue their self growth. The path to becoming a CEO is not always, or even usually, a simple one. Instead, it is a learning experience that very few successfully reach. Joshua Tatum, the co-founder behind Canvas Cultures, is one of these, very few, talented masterminds. Joshua was eager to share five main lessons he has learned on his journey up, in hopes that it would help the CEO’s of tomorrow.

  1. Over Thinking Is the Root of all Unhappiness

Many times, we, as humans worry about every single detail of everything we do. Although this is helpful in some cases, in others we are just psyching ourselves out. It is so easy to be consumed by the millions of negative outcomes your mind can think up, however, these thoughts and preoccupations prevent us from making the jump and starting. As they say you can’t make the shot if you don’t take it. A big part of becoming successful is being able to stop yourself from overthinking every decision, situation, and communication. Some things you can just take at face value. Had my partner and I let ourselves overthink that neither of us were artists, or involved in the art business world, we would have never created our incredible art brand: Canvas Cultures.

  1. We are Our Own Worst Enemies

Nobody can limit us but ourselves. We can grow to be as good as we want to be. There is a first for everything, and nobody can tell you that you will not or cannot be the first to accomplish something. With hard work and strong will business, and relationship goals are attainable. We just have to believe in ourselves. Once you give up on yourself, it does not matter if the rest of the world believes in you, but if the rest of the world looks down on you, you can believe in yourself and prove them wrong.

  1. Innovation is Key

Luckily, there is no right or wrong ways of do anything, especially when in comes

to business.  In fact, it is innovations and outside of the box thinking that disrupts

industries by creating new ways of doing things. It is hard to be successful or stand out

when you are doing the same thing as everybody else. Traditionally speaking, most

online art brands focus or center around a specific artist, typically an artist with a very

large following and influence.  We wanted to change this by allowing any artist

regardless of influence or fans to be able to support themselves and their families through

their passions and creations!

  1. Comparison is the Thief of Joy

You should never let your competition bring you down. Although you should keep a look out for them, never let them dictate your success. Sometimes it’s a back and forth, they’ll come up with a brilliant idea, then you’ll come up with one. Never give up just because someone else is ahead. Use it as a healthy competition.  Your job is not to reason or compare but to lead and create. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon; both shine when it is there time.

  1. It’s Ok to NOT be Ok All The Time

Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, and that is okay. It is how you react to, and try to fix these mistakes that define you and who you become. Just like in life, in business, there will be ups and downs, things will come up out of nowhere, plans will change. However, we must use these trials and tribulations as lessons, and in the future use the knowledge we’ve gained from our past mistakes to become better.