“principles of idea”

Article written by: Christopher M Cooper/Sacred Imprint This Life Is Not Pretend Major Universal Music Group Artist/Designer.

Taylor Swift music video mean has a mean banjo riff and awesome message. The video and song is just great.  principles of idea is all about other people being mean and the education system. Why don’t people just try to be a nice person to other people. Giving back to other people can be a chore for a- lot of people living in the city and it does not have to be this way i people just be nice to others. In this video I love the train symbolizing Union in america’s history this goes back to steam trains and even the civil rights movement. So guys find something for which you are talented and gifted at to drive you to success. Something other than cruelty and drugs and grab ahold of a job and career or just going to school is a great idea. But other kids are bullying others and college kids are hazing others this does not help anyone whether it is adults or humans. The point is just that it is better to give people back kindness than it ever is to be a mean person. This will help you in college or in the workplace and will help you to be a likable and person for which people will like to remember you for and even hire you for. It is called work ethic and is a great thing to practice.

So why not become one who guides the disabled or leads and guides them this is called counselor advocacy.  This is a great way to have a great public image and especially helps to be a credible nationally exposed or major musician especially if you have ever went viral on youtube through twitter. Actually this happened to me and was very humiliating to me because I am famous and was just about to become blacklisted because of infamousness. And if you did not know as a major musician and artist this may happen to you throughout your major musical and design career. In conclusion being a nice person is what is first and everyone should tries to sell a product first. But few people realize to sell product first you have to have a credible reputation and spokesperson or no one will ever buy your product. So I hope that my article will provide others value to be able to succeed and have the kindness to give others the hope and provide the disabled community a hope to be able to succeed because they need it.