Cassandra Riley Lynn

Cassandra Riley Lynn from Canada is a full-time content creator, fitness model and entrepreneur. She is one of the prominent names in Ontario’s fitness, health and wellness industry and the owner of the sportswear brand Reveal Athletics.

Cassandra Riley Lynn shares, “My most impactful achievement has been launching what started as a passion project into a full blown business. “I used to hate working out, but I found myself a little bit more excited whenever I found a stunning gym set that complimented my body and made me feel confident”. My brand strives to do this, we empower women to be the best version of themselves. Reveal Athletics’s mission statement is to “reveal the best version of yourself”. They do this through providing that first easy step of rocking trendy designs, that enhance a women’s best features, making women feel confident in their bodies and motivating them to go to the gym.

Cassandra says that “Taking that first step is the hardest part but once you do, you can adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.” Cassandra says helping women do this inspires her each day and she wakes up with purpose. She knows how much she dreaded exercise and the lack of confidence she felt. “Starting a brand that makes women feel good in their bodies makes me feel good.” That new cute outfit that hugs your curves is confidence in a bottle, I’m happy I get to bottle up that feeling and provide it to all women. I want women to feel the same motivation that I get from wearing Reveal Athletics .”

The entrepreneur has an encouraging message to all the aspiring fitness models, business owners and content creators. Cassandra Riley Lynn says, “I want people to keep finding ways to do what they love because you’ll find success. Many tell us that “Love What You Do” is about pride in one’s actions – in other words, living in such a way that when you look back on your actions, you feel satisfied. That view requires a wide-angle lens. It’s about living a fulfilling life, a life with purpose.

Do not give up and keep moving forward, and continue to complete small tasks and goals daily for yourself and momentum. Don’t forget to reward yourself after you have accomplished your tasks. There will be plenty of hiccups in the beginning, but at the end of the day, it is going to be worth it